Top 5 Tips to improve Y30 Gaming Performance for Mobile Legends

Top 5 Tricks for Mobile Legends

Have You encountered the Crazy Moments When Playing Mobile Legends on Smartphone?

Top 5 Tips on vivo Y30 for Mobile Legends

We can’t be upset when playing games! We took inventory for vivo Y30 gaming tricks including 5 small functions that are on Ultra game mode. They must allow you to smoothly have fun on gaming?

Are you ready ? The enemy has 5 seconds to reach the battlefield Army attack!! Let’s know how to play Mobile Legends on vivo Y30.

1. Calling while pushing the crystal? Hold on!

About to get the first Penta kill in his life, go through straightly to the enemy crystal, suddenly the express boy called you.

When you are back to the game, however, your team has been killed totally. You had to face collective reports from teammates, oh no!

vivo’s [Background Call] function, the floating window will be displayed when the incoming call is in the game, and it will not exit after clicking answer

The game allows you to keep the call and the game double threaded. It is simply an indispensable artifact for girlfriend checking, takeaway or express calls. It is allowing you

play games on vivo Y30 more at ease! (Simcard required to hold VolTE HD call)

If you don’t want to answer the phone, you can directly select the [Reject call] setting to make the whole game worry-free, not disturbed, and more fun!


Settings > Game Box > Click to prevent accidental touch > Enable blocking three-finger screenshots 

Background Call

2. There is also a game countdown in reply!!!

As a social animal on standby 24 hours a day, you may be afraid of the boss’s midnight calling and even more afraid of sudden greetings from colleagues on weekends.

What should we do when facing important news that he has to reply?

The vivo Y30 Ultra game mode has a built-in [Game Countdown] function. When the game is hung in the background, you can see the hero’s resurrection time by switching between different applications, so that you will not delay every second of the chances, and at the same time, you can reply to a lot of messages during the resurrection time. Game and works will be both played well


The system comes with a game countdown function > When exiting the Mobile Legends game interface, the floating window displays the hero’s resurrection time > When the hero is resurrected, click the floating window to return to the game

3. Inviting new teammates to join in the fun

What should you do if I am suddenly called for takeaway or express delivery during the game? As a good teammate in the game, how can you abandon other teammates? 

vivo Y30’s [App Sharing] function allows you to share the Mobile Legends app to other people’s phones with one click when begin the game. So, your friends can use their phones to watch and even operate the games you share. Brothers will help you line up!


Open the Shortcut Hub > App sharing > Bluetooth connection > game transfer is successful > Enable game permissions

You can learn more from this video:  (Chinese content)

4. Molesting your game teammates on vivo Y30

Want to play a joke on your teammates after team fight? Try the voice!

With the vivo Y30 ’s [Voice Changer] function, you can choose to transform your own voice into different character sound effects, allowing your game voice communication becomes more mysterious and interesting. You can use Beautify the original sound + gender conversion functions to be sweet or magnetic!


After opening the game, slide the floating window in the screen to call up the game assistant and turn on the voice changer. (Note: All of the above functions need to be updated to the latest version of Funtouch OS.)

5. Mistakenly touched the screen when you are grabbing the dragon with teammates? Don't panic!

Coming to a key team battle with teammates, but because of the fierce operation, you accidentally touched to exit the game or trigger the screenshot suddenly, the next second the whole team is dead. This feeling of missing the opportunity is too heartache!

So, how to prevent mis operation from affecting the gaming experience during gaming? The vivo Y30 Ultra Game mode has a built-in [Anti-Mistaken Touch] function, which can block the three-finger screen capture function to avoid false touches in the game and let you start the game without fear.


Settings > Game Box > Click to prevent accidental touch > Enable blocking three-finger screenshots

vivo Y30 is Your Good Partner for Mobile Legends

Is the vivo Y30 ultra game mode tips useful? Playing game is a teamwork. And a good device for game also is necessary. Including vivo Y30, vivo smartphones must your good partner and weapon when you are running in the hero valley.

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