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vivo is undoubtedly One of the Leader in Smartphone Design

When ranking the performance capabilities of mobile phones today, it is estimated that not many mainstream users would put vivo and top players such as Huawei, Google, Samsung, and Apple together for evaluation.

But looking at its products in the past few years, in fact, the development of vivo in the design and OS parts has always been remarkable.

Although not as the industry leader, but the performance is really underestimated by many people. taking this into consideration, resulted in the X50 series featuring X-class Design and new Funtouch OS.       

Most of people won’t move their eyes when they meet vivo X50 design. And after experiencing the smooth and intelligent system, you may say “Awesome! “ again and again.

Unique and Smart - X-Class Design in vivo X50

A “Mahjong” look alike rear camera is the most popular visual element in the mobile phone market this year. Regardless of its positioning, you can see a product with a large bump on the back isn’t fairly common on the market.

Because of this, the design on the back of the X50 series is very valuable. If all of them are lowered to the same plane and viewed, all cameras are still enclosed within a large rectangle. This is the most familiar styling scheme in the market and the most mature developed by the manufacturer.

For models such as the vivo X series that need to be sold on their shoulders, it seems to be a safe prerequisite for the removal of errors. Then, the method of separating the medium and small rectangles within the large rectangle is a magical technique.

 “A picturesque disorder” is the best description for it. If you love Infobar’s UI aesthetics like the author, I believe you will also praise the X50 series for its handling.

In addition, the idea of “resolving” the thickness of the gimbal camera with the concept of steps (although it is only required by X50 Pro, but the design language is unified throughout the series), it also further increases the visual dislocation from the side.

Although vivo’s marketing point ” Dual Tone Step detail ” is named after this, in my opinion, its role is more so as the icing on the cake.

After combining the two dimensions of the design, the familiar but surprising X50 series became recognizable at once. Fortunately, in the era of one side/back of the thousand faculties, there are people from time to time who can “turn decay into magic” with a little ingenuity.

The light weight design is yet another strong point of the X50 series. Regardless of the slimmest X50 (7.49mm thick and 173g heavy), the thickness and weight of the X50 Pro and Pro+ covered in this article are also well controlled.

The Pro model has a weight of 181.5g and a thickness of 8.04mm, which can be said to be the best balance between function and sense of existence in the series. While the camel pigment leather version of Pro+ weighs 191.1g and is 9.48mm thick, the two specifications of the glass version are 8.83mm and 192.2g respectively.

It is also lightweight among products of the same level, and the plain leather version is more suitable for “streaking” without the need for a protective cover, which can be regarded as an invisible advantage to some extent.

Internal Smart Assistant of vivo X50 - New Funtouch OS

This time vivo upgraded the pre-loaded system of the phone to Funtouch OS 10.5 based on Android 10. So we can have review for vivo X50 Funtouch OS.

The overall visual style of the UI has become a bit brighter, but there are not many obvious changes in functions. One of the more fun factors is the old photo repair tool that has been hotly discussed after the product was launched. It can identify the face in the photo through AI analysis, and then achieve the purpose of improving facial clarity through methods such as sharpening and noise reduction.

The actual effect is indeed there, but the problem is that this tool will only repair the face alone, and the parts other than the face will remain in the original state.

As a result, photos taken with the body are prone to be unnatural, perceptions of different faces and bodies are good only after restoration, so this function may only be useful for headshots for now.

Of course, the author believes that this problem should not be difficult to solve, and even said that it can be resolved with the upgrade of the algorithm, it is estimated that applications such as repairing yellowed photos in the future will not be difficult.

Honestly, there is still considerable room for improvement in aesthetics and UI logic.

Final Saying: “Big Image” from vivo X50

Finally, I have to say that vivo’s combining of different product lines is really efficient and effective. Describing the “big image” for vivo X50, which may be the most beautiful smartphone actually has two meanings.

On the surface, these two English words can be literally explained as “big photos”, you can understand that X50 series have made big moves in taking pictures this time. But in fact, the more common interpretation of “big image” is “big desire and plan.”

In just over a year, NEX, which has established its brand image, iQOO, which pursues couple value, and the X series, which is now born as the “imaging flagship”, vivo’s trinity has taken shape.

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    1. Hi, thank you so much for your feedback! We’re really glad you loved our phone.

      Our team is happy to serve you in the best possible way. Best wishes, vivo fam.

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