Remove the noise, retain the original only

With many white spaces, the visual focus becomes more prominent, and this also makes the picture more refined and wider. We attempt to reduce all obstacles in vertical visual extension to achieve a consensus with the visual perspective of a borderless full screen. At the same time, the integration of more brand colors also injects greater clarity and vitality into these pictures.

Customization with an exquisite simplicity

Exquisite and concise icons make the whole desktop looks natural and comfortable for a more efficient experience. Smart icons that can automatically recognize the wallpaper colors to adapt their colors accordingly make the overall view more comfortable. Icon shapes can also be updated according to your preferences. All these are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of different users. Customization for the one and only you.

A new, unprecedented form

In wallpaper design, the wallpaper is no longer restricted to a specific image. Instead, it now adopts a new, unprecedented form. One that is light and soft like the shapes of clouds and petals, accompanied by a translucent and bright touch of technology. At the same time, it is as slim as the wings of cicada and brings you a richer feel of layering.

Mark the tracks with soft gradient colors

Marks that you leave behind over time. A body texture that has been polished over time by the pursuit of things. Use trendy design symbols to express the image that touches your heart.

Dark color mode

In the dark color mode, you can feel the more immersive visual effect of dark colors. Instead of a simple change of color, the depth of the UI elements has been adapted for dark colors to offer you a more pleasant picture.

Jovi Smart Scene



Jovi provides sporting services designed for you. It records your daily steps, calories burnt and more to help you live a healthy life.

Lockscreen Poster

Lockscreen Poster will make intelligent wallpaper recommendations so that your experience is different every time the screen is turned on. You can also slide left to browse the massive number of exquisite wallpapers.

Smart Launcher


The lite, ready-to-use toolkit will make your life easier. You can speed up, clean up your Phone, access the calculator, recorder and other functions with just a single tap. No more waitings with Smart Launcher.

Smart Scan

Just Smart Scan to view the shopping images, process the files and connect to Wi-Fi quickly. Easy, simple and convenient.

Game Box

Train to locate enemies by sounds

After some practice in the training ground, you will be invincible in any exciting battlefield as you can easily determine the enemy's position based on the sounds of gunfire and footsteps.

Game Countdown

With this floating countdown window, you can boldly relegate the game to the background temporarily as you work on other stuff even when you are in the heat of a duel or exhilarating battle in the King of Glory legend. You can see the resurrection time or time to start of event from the floating window without having to worry about missing the best opportunity.

Game Assistant

Game Assistant updates the new UI, optimizes your game experience, and is there to support you when the game starts and as the game progresses.

Shortcuts Hub

The multiple steps in any functional operation can now be merged into one shortcut, and all these steps will now be automatically completed when you tap on the shortcut. Shortcuts like navigating to home with Google Maps, viewing trending videos on YouTube (popular videos now), your reminders for tomorrow and more are waiting to be discovered.


Ultra Night Scene

The Ultra Night Scene mode brings you more amazing photos shot in the night where brightness and noise no longer constrain the quality of night photos. You are now more confident to freely shoot the night photos you like.

Time-Lapse Photos

An upgrade to the time-lapse photography feature. In ad automatic speed adjustments, now you can also manually set different speeds to fulfill the shooting requirements of different scenes.

Short Videos

The Short Videos mode satisfies several of your wishes all at once: real-time special video effects, custom music, up to 60 seconds of shooting and local storage for high-definition videos. You just cannot stop shooting.


  • The UI diagrams, pictures of the mobile phone profile and exterior in this page are intended only for illustration. Please refer to the actual mobile phone and UI effects of the system. The features available in different models may vary. Please refer to the actual features offered in the specific mobile phone model. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.