Returning to an original, natural look

We make everything look as natural as it does in real life rather than creating temporary stimulatory experiences to draw attention. Upholding the concept of Original Design,

Funtouch OS

uses medium-purity water colors and balanced icons to imitate direct operations and interactive effects in the physical world, prioritizing function over form and exploring a more natural balance between the virtual and real worlds.
Brand-new home screen icons
The visual expressions far from any established style restore objects to their original appearance; the use of more pure, more natural primary hues, combined with the appropriate distribution of black, white and gray areas, creates a light-hearted, comfortable sensory experience.

Screen Off

The new Always On Display clock tells the time in a quiet, peaceful manner, allowing you to feel the gentle, beautiful passage of time in this otherwise fast-paced and high-pressured world.


Feature natural, beautiful details and fill the screen with crystal-clear and light-hearted bubbles to reduce visual pressure.


Reminder for drinking water
The Jovi Reminder for Drinking Water can intelligently customize an exclusive water drinking plan for your health based on your weight and age, and remind you to drink water regularly as appropriate every day. We visually display your water drinking progress so that you can always know how much water you have drunk and keep your body hydrated.


Auto Space Cleanup & Auto Security Detection
Auto Space Cleanup & Security Detection
Taking meticulous care of your vivo phone, iManager can clean up junk files and detect security risks when your phone is in standby mode during the night so that your phone can be completely refreshed.