Hello! Here is vivo Origin OS

vivo's New Origin OS

We Have a New Look - Origin OS is Coming!

The team at vivo has always strived to make the Android experience better for users. That is why we are so excited to announce the launch of the new Origin OS as an impressive upgrade to the original Funtouch OS. This way, you can enjoy a much more captivating experience while using your smartphone to do all of the things that you love.

The new vivo Origin OS features really give you a more immersive experience while you enjoy your favorite apps on your favorite device, and users everywhere agree that it is one of the best smartphones and tablet operating systems that they have ever used! The Origin OS takes all of the best features from our previous system and adds a ton of enhancements which allows users to relish in an elevated, futuristic experience.

I am so thrilled to be able to present this guide to you, where we will cover some of the most anticipated feature upgrades and give you the best idea of what you can expect when you upgrade to the latest Origin OS. The wait is finally over, and we can now enter a new era of technology with the stylishly designed operating system that will be available for vivo and iQOO devices everywhere.

What Will You See in vivo's New Origin OS?

The new vivo Origin OS is packed with some of the most amazing feature enhancements that we have seen all year throughout the entire smart device arena. One of the great changes you will notice immediately when you start your journey with the new OS is that the user interface has been completely reworked to provide a more seamless experience while you navigate and explore your apps and features.

Cool New Widgets

The all-new widgets feature is definitely one of our favorites, and it allows for a smooth way to easily access all of your top applications and settings right from the home screen. This is such a welcome change to the older interface, and it is one of the many ways that the Origin OS has been made more efficient by reducing the number of steps that users need to take to access their favorite features and apps.

vivo origin os widgets

26 Gestures Added

Additionally, you can count on the new Origin OS to deliver ever more than you expected, including the 26 new gestures that allow you even more ways to access the controls on your favorite device. Everything from controlling the volume and brightness of your phone, to playing your top games, becomes so much easier and precise when you have this many gestures to choose from.

Stunning New Icons

The latest icons that are part of the vivo smartphone OS update are so much more vivid and easier on the eyes than the previous versions that were included in the original Funtouch OS. They are sure to only add to your enjoyment of your brand-new smartphone experience, and you can arrange them in folders to allow for a great way to keep your phone organized.

A Ton of Other New Features

If you are familiar with the AirDrop feature that is offered by Apple for its smart devices, then you will be pleased to know that the vivo Origin OS features the awesome Nearby Sharing capability that Google just introduced to the Android world. This is, by far, one of the easiest ways to share photos, videos, and files with your friends and family who are nearby. Instead of using your data plan, the Nearby Sharing feature lets you transmit data to another nearby device through Bluetooth technology in seconds.

Which vivo Phones Will Have the Upgrade for Origin OS?

The best thing about the new vivo Origin Os is that it will be automatically included in the new vivo smartphone lineup coming later this year, including the all-new vivo X60! On top of that, some of the most recently released models will either have the update pre-installed, or have the update available for you to install in a few minutes. These models include the vivo X50 series, vivo V20vivo V19, and the vivo Y20i.

What are you waiting for? replace Funtouch OS with Origin OS when it comes!

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26 thoughts on “Hello! Here is vivo Origin OS”

  1. Please make an update of origin os to vivo v20 se also really the ui of funtouch os is not that much good where I haven’t experienced any new things please make an updates for vivo v20 se also.

  2. Please add the vivo v20 Origen os please 🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 give me please send me the software Origen os please vivo Care please 🥺🙏🙏

  3. I could have switched to the x or y series. Then I realized if there’s a new improvement I still won’t get it

    How hard can it be to get the new origin os across all ur supported devices

    Stock Android is better than the boring funtouch but you guys have refused to listen

  4. Origin OS 1.0 user here. One of the worst UI ever made. Wish to set your loved ones with distinctive ringtones? Nope. The system introduce you a better bland lifestyle. One ringtone for all. Wish to go back to your page after setting your permission? Nope you are transferred to the top page and good luck scrolling 100+ of permission settings to continue where you left off. Garbage of the century. What a joke I got the flagship gaming Iqoo 7 no less. Regret the purchase.

  5. I am being a biggest fan of vivo phones especially its x-series. But It is very unfortunate that vivo didn’t launch origin os in India. I am waiting for it since last year, but till now it seems vivo has no plan to launch it in India 😭. I wish and hope vivo will launch origin os soon in India. Presently I am using vivo X70 pro plus.

  6. I want the Indonesian version of the vivo x50, x60 and x70 to have an origin OS, and not funtouch OS, I hope this is the only one who commented far from Indonesia, luv vivofans

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