How vivo Origin OS Redefine the user experience

New to World - vivo Origin OS

New to World - vivo Origin OS

On November 18th, vivo held an Origin OS special event in Shenzhen and officially released a brand-new mobile phone operating system-Origin OS.

The new system starts from the needs of users and is committed to matching users’ expectations of experience in terms of design, smoothness, and convenience, and hopes to solve the problems faced by users in their digital lives through new system interaction solutions.

The mission of Funtouch OS has always been to serve users well, and has gained the trust of users over the years. However, we have not stopped exploring on mobile operating systems.  In the era of 5G and the Internet of Everything, especially in the next 3-5 years, mobile phones are still the core and most irreplaceable entrance to the digital world.

We have been thinking about what other pain points and needs can be solved? Today, Origin OS brings Here comes our new interpretation and interpretation of user needs, which is the product of pursuing the ultimate user experience.”

Design as the Origin: Return the initiative to the user

At present, mobile phones occupy people’s lives, and the problems of information overload and aesthetic homogeneity are becoming more and more serious. This requires the mobile phone OS to return the initiative to the user and help users find the right way of expression.

Design as the Origin

Therefore, Origin OS takes “Make design originally, the design is for the origin” as the principle, recombining the familiar elements and surprise design of users, without exaggerating the function and neglecting the details, thus creating a more extreme experience in vivo Origin OS feature.

New information management method-the simplicity and purity that users want

The flood of complex information and functions has caused great trouble to users. Users want a clean and simple mobile phone OS.  Origin OS changed the traditional desktop system, starting from the information level, and reshaped the information management method.

Origin OS pioneered a new desktop architecture system “Huarong Grid”, rearranging the desktop elements, tidier and more efficient than in the past. Under the new desktop system, “atomic components” can start from the smallest desktop unit to determine the presentation mode of notification content and the interactive mode of system functions.

In the new architecture of Origin OS, the notification system re-evolves to help users extract core information at different times; at the same time, the interaction logic of common functions such as music is also integrated, extracted, and concentrated, focusing on the most core functional experience.

“We hope that every time you light up the screen, you can get the content and answers you want. We also hope that everyone can return to their essential needs and focus on enjoying music and other functions.” -from director of user experience design at vivo.

origin os UI

New vision and interaction: individuality and order according to arrangement

vivo Origin OS redefine the smartphone user experience, it means he simplicity of Origin OS does not suppress the user’s personality and creativity.  In today’s tolerant and diverse society, people hope to express themselves and give full play to their creativity and imagination.  Therefore, in Origin OS, users can customize the visual and interactive methods.

desktop layout of origin OS

Origin OS has launched the “Deformer” function to provide different window styles and icon styles to meet the aesthetic needs of different user groups.  Users simply choose, they can have a personalized Origin OS innovative desktop, and can “one-click through” and return to the traditional desktop. Differentiated scenes and visual styles can adapt to different user groups and different occasions, highlighting individuality.

Deformer in Origin OS

“Interaction pool” provides new ideas and possibilities for system interaction.  From the gestures, the call-out position of the control center to the system navigation method, Origin OS can be combined and reproduced as long as the user is familiar with and likes the interaction method, and each combination will not cause operational confusion. 

The “Super Card Pack” further simplifies the interaction process from the perspective of life. On the desktop, APP or lock screen interface, users can slide out their card packs and use functions such as scan, payment code, and ride code., More convenient.

Deformer in Origin OS

Super Card Pack

No matter which operating system you are used to, in Origin OS, you can find an interactive experience you are familiar with.

Break through the barriers of the screen: find the temperature in the real world

People often think that there are only cold functions and information in the screen in hand, but Origin OS brings the temperature and perception of life into the screen. The “Original View Window” has become a bridge between the mobile phone and the real world.

Without affecting the operation of the main screen, users can feel the weather and environment changes synchronized with the outside world. To give a vivid example, in 16 scenes from sunrise to sunset, users can clearly perceive the brightness, light and color temperature of the environment at different times.

Not only that, users can also set their daily target number of steps, each step taken, the flowers bloom one more step. OriginOS is committed to transforming unconscious behaviors in daily life into aesthetics that users can perceive.

Sky window, time window, behavior wallpaper

vivo hope to project the details of life and nature into the digital world, so that users can regain the temperature and emotion in real life.

In addition to visual perception, Origin OS also helps users perceive time changes through “timeline design”. The clock interface is no longer an immutable static picture.

It can show different textures and colors every minute or second to restore the inner logic of time. In addition, atomic notifications also display only relevant core information for users in chronological order.

Sky window in origin os

Timeline design

Origin OS redefines the concept of “smooth” and changes the previous perception that “fast is smooth”. The new animations and feedback in Origin OS are more in line with the laws of nature, and can understand the ideas and needs of users. The multi-pronged approach of vision, time and smooth perception makes the operating experience of mobile phones more realistic and natural.

Timeline design in origin os

Vivo believe that “Design, imaging, system, and performance are the directions for vivo to continue to work hard. We will continue to listen to everyone’s feedback and suggestions, optimize the design, interaction and functional experience of Origin OS, and make a good connection between people and digital A bridge to the world.” Welcome to have a review for Origin OS. Tell me what you think about this new system for vivo smartphone.

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  2. Overall a nice OS, it has just one major flaw – on the Always On Display there are no notification icons for any installed apps, it only shows the system app notifications. Please fix it as soon as possible, thank you.

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