Top 5 Recommended vivo Phones in Philippines 2021

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It's the thought that counts: Affordable Phones as a Gift for the Holidays

Choosing the perfect gift for the Holidays is always a hard task and with the season closing up on us we all can feel the rush. However it doesn’t have to be hard. Something practical and functional like a smartphone is always a good option and thanks to vivo affordable smartphones prices this is a reality.

Buying vivo means you don’t have to break the bank to gift a new phone, so with that in mind we have a list of recommended vivo phones for New Year. All of these phones are both affordable and perform excellently and you’ll easily find the ideal gift amongst the V20 SE, Y30, Y20i, V19 Neo and S1 Pro.

So let’s keep reading and find out how you can surprise your friends and family with the top affordable android phone as gift for new year.

5 Affordable vivo Smartphones for the 2021 Holiday Season

Light, compact and designed for modern life. The vivo V20 SE offers users a great entry model that fulfills most needs in a small and affordable package.

vivo v20se holiday offers

vivo V20 SE counts with a lightweight design made in high polymers, this makes it both durable and easy to carry as it weights only 171g. It’s camera is it’s other distinctive feature as it’s designed to be smarter. vivo’s HDR+ Morpho Algorithm ensures that even night shots are properly illuminated and coupled with a charge that is up to 50% faster than previous models the V20 SE is ready for any occasion.

The vivo Y30 is truly meant for users who want to feel a premium phone at a fraction of the cost, and it’s design and features make it an outstanding gift option.

vivo Y30 special offer

Made to offer as much touchscreen as possible to the user the Y30 has a 90.7% Screen-To-Body ratio. This means the frontal screen is large and even important features like the frontal camera don’t take up touchscreen space. A curved design keeps up the premium style from any angle, but things only get better once you get to the back.

The vivo y30 counts with a Quad Camera that ensures 4 unique lenses are working for you with each shot. This means that not only your phone will look great, any picture taken on it will stand out as well.

The vivo Y20i is in many ways an even more affordable counterpart to the Y30, but that doesn’t mean it comes short in any way.

An elongated full display screen stands out the moment you take a look at the vivo Y20i. A colorful display is combined with eye-care technology that protects you automatically. For people who value their privacy a side-mounted fingerprint scanner means nobody but the owner will get to explore the phone. And the Dual Bokeh camera means that all shots made on the phone will be great quality.

vivo Y20i on sales

The V19 Neo has been completely made for photo enthusiasts. A clear display and some of the most powerful cameras in the range make it possible to take quality photographs without spending on a professional camera.

2021 Christmax sales for vivo V19 Neo

It all starts with the Ultra O Screen. This 6.44 inch FHD+ Display counts with a 91.38% screen-to-body ratio meaning no space is lost. The frontal camera already stands out by being minimalist yet counting with 32mp to ensure a great shot.

Once you get to the back you’ll come face to face with the Quad Camera array: A 48mp main camera. 8mp super wide camera, 2mp macro camera and 2mp bokeh camera are ready for any possible shot you could want. It’s a professional setup right on your phone.

If you want a little bit of everything that made the previous great then you definitely want the vivo S1 Pro. Of course the best part is that you can get one without spending as much as other brands would ask from you.

vivo S1 Pro holiday deals

Screens have always been a feature of vivo Phones, and the 1080p screen of the S1 Pro is no difference. In-Display Fingerprint Scanning returns once again to protect your privacy. And the 48mp Quad Camera returns to make sure every picture is a perfect one.

All of the above gets combined with it’s distinctive Diamond design. Which makes sure your phone not only feels premium, but it also looks premium. The S1 Pro just stands out in every category, and shows just how much vivo can do on a budget.

A simple guide to buy Digital Gadgets in the Holiday Season

You may be wondering how to choose vivo phone for 2021 new year eve’s gift.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a new digital product is to understand that price and date do not make a good product. We usually say that things are more than the sum of their parts, but when it comes to phones they really are the sum of their parts.

A great screen won’t do much if the processor makes the phone lag. A great processor can’t do it’s job with a phone that only has 1GB of ram and so on. When you are comparing models pay attention to those numbers and you’ll see that sometimes more expensive models don’t really pack more than an affordable phone.

Those are the features that made us recommend the V20 SE, Y30, Y20i, V19 Neo and S1 Pro. As all of them are a great value and have a great build that truly makes the most out of it’s features.

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