vivo Smartphone Apex 2020 – Beyond Your Imagination

vivo APEX 2020

From Concept to Solution: The vivo Apex 2020

Smartphones have quickly become a standard piece of personal equipment. They are far more than just a phone. These devices are the total package of communication, entertainment and information. While many phone manufacturers are making small tweaks in size and functionality, the vivo Apex 2020 is working to reshape the mobile phone landscape. How do you think about vivo Apex 2020 without learning some of the amazing innovations?

vivo APEX 2000 Camera

What is the vivo concept phone this year?

vivo has a history of releasing concept technology at the annual Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, due to concerns about the coronavirus, the event was canceled this year. Many people were anticipating vivo’s latest entry into the mobile phone market.

A concept phone is a demonstration tool to show the direction that a company is taking smartphone technology. Most of the time, the company will incorporate experimental features that are not quite ready for mass production. Some of the features may be at a point where they are functional but too expensive to include. Other experimental features may not be fully formed. The product allows the public to see the latest in its research and development.

In lieu of the conference, vivo has released information about the vivo Apex 2020 in video form. One of the important things to understand is that the vivo Apex 2020 is a fully-functional phone. Although the final product may not be exactly like the demonstration, much of the technology will be incorporated in the upcoming generations of vivo phones.

vivo can be successful Future mobile phones must be integrated and wireless

The vivo Apex 2020 will change people’s assumptions about the way that a phone should look and function. The simple exterior design of this unit hides an impressive package of integrated features.

Button-free Design

One of the first things you will notice about the Apex 2020 is its lack of exterior buttons. The outside of the phone is smooth with clean lines. This allows for a larger, waterfall screen. The user makes changes to features traditionally adjusted by exterior buttons with pressure-sensitive virtual buttons. This will save users from accidentally powering off or changing the volume on the phone.

Wireless Charging

In addition to a lack of buttons, you will also notice a lack of ports. The vivo Apex 2020 is completely free of cables or wires. Any downloading or data transfers must be done online. Where the lack of cable really shines is in the charging process. The Apex 2020 uses 60W wireless charging for a very fast recharging speed. vivo claims that the Apex can go from no charge to 50% in 20 minutes.

vivo APEX 2020 Super Camera

In-Display Front Camera

A final hidden piece is the apparent lack of a front camera. All the user sees is an uninterrupted screen. In the vivo Apex 2020, the selfie camera has been hidden behind the display glass. This is a challenge that smartphone designers have been working on for several phone generations. By using a special algorithm, vivo designers make it possible to decrease the light interference and distortion that comes with filming through a screen. The hidden camera takes clear pictures without disrupting the clean design.

5G Network Capability

It should go without saying that the newest phones need to be ready for the newest network. The vivo Apex 2020 is specifically designed to handle the power and speed of the 5G network. From video-processing to data transfer, the designers understand the benefits and challenges of working with 5G.

High-Stability Rear Camera

One of the places where vivo recognized the need to adapt to 5G speeds was in the rear-facing camera. The new network can handle large amounts of data at a fast pace. This could mean that it would pick up small vibrations when recording video content that would be unnoticeable in older phones. For this reason, the entire rear-camera unit is gimbal-stabilized rather than just a single lens. This results in a camera that is 200% more stable than older models. Pictures and videos will be crisp and clear at lightning-fast speeds.

Another important feature of this camera is its 5x–7.5x continuous zoom capability. Once again, vivo designers have put a great deal of power into a small package. While only 6.2 mm thick, the camera uses a combination of several lenses to achieve better focus and a smoother zoom. The Apex 2020 crosses the line between smartphone and DSLR photography.

vivo Apex 2020 is not only a concept phone, but also a solution

In many cases, concept technology products are an opportunity for a company to showcase its new equipment and for designers to show off their abilities. It is important to remember that the vivo Apex 2020 is a fully-functioning phone. The features of this unit are not just wishful thinking. They are products that are ready to hit the smartphone market.

vivo Apex 2000 Concept

vivo may not mass-market the Apex 2020 or incorporate its features into new models, but it is clear that the Apex 2020 will lead the smart phone trend. Quite simply, when you are looking at the Apex 2020, you are looking at the connection between the past and future of smartphones. As 5G becomes the standard network, smartphone companies will have to adapt their products to the new power and speed.

As cloud-based computing and storage continue to grow in popularity, you can expect that manufacturers will adapt their products to a world without cables. vivo Apex 2020 has already stepped into that future. This concept phone features solutions to some of the thorniest problems of smartphone design.

The release of the vivo Apex 2020 is a groundbreaking moment for the smartphone industry. The phone not only takes exterior design to the next level, but it also pushes the boundaries of integrated features. In appearance, performance and adaptability to the future, the vivo Apex 2020 changes the rules of smartphone technology.

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  1. While only 6.2 mm thick, the camera uses a combination of several lenses to achieve better focus and a smoother zoom.

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