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Turning Down the Heat with Vapor Chamber Cooling

With every new generation of smartphones, comes more power and more capability to run even the most demanding games and applications. However, using all that power and pushing your phone to the limit can also cause overheating which significantly affects the performance. For that reason, high-end gaming phones must have a built-in cooling system.

And, no technology does a better job of cooling than the Vapor Chamber Cooling System. Used by the top CPU manufacturers for all sorts of computers and gadgets, this technology works to allow heat to transfer evenly across the entire body of a device and prevent overheating.

What is Vapor Chamber Cooling?

Vapor Chambers are cooling systems whose purpose is to dissipate heat on high-performance devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Considering that modern mobile phones feature a rather limited and cramped space, engineers had to come up with an ingenious solution to fit the cooling system inside.

Smartphone Vapor Chambers are designed as flat vacuum-sealed metal canisters filled with a small amount of liquid. As the phone heats up, the liquid turns into gas, cools, and condenses. At that time, the liquid travels back to the heat source through a secondary channel. This way, the heat dissipates fast and effectively over a small amount of space.

 At vivo, we always strive to be at the forefront of modern tech developments, so the latest vivo T1 Series phones feature Vapor Chamber Cooling for the ultimate performance even under the heaviest load.

Vapor Chamber Cooling

How does Vapor Chamber Cooling Work in Vivo T1 Series?

The Vapor Chamber Cooling System in our vivo T1 Series phones allows constant peak performance by providing the cooling area three times the phone’s surface. The surface of the Vapor Chamber itself is 2,097 mm2, while the total heat dissipation area of the cooling system is 32,923 mm2. This allows the CPU cores to work under temperatures reduced by up to 12C.

Vapor Chamber works as a part of the 8-layer cooling system, also featuring magnesium alloy mainboard top cover, thermal gel, heat dissipation copper foil, ultra-thick graphite film and plates, six temperature sensors, and intelligent temperature control. All these technologies work together, ensuring the optimal operating temperature to avoid reduced performance and prolong the battery life.

Benefits of Vapor Chamber Cooling

Vapor Chamber Cooling System brings numerous benefits to your smartphones. Below are some of its major advantages over other cooling solutions:

  • Occupies less space and transfers heat through a much smaller area than other often-used cooling systems, such as heat pipes.
  • Can be made in any shape and placed in direct contact with the CPU and other heat sources, no matter how restrictive the overall hardware design is.
  • Due to their ability to dissipate heat up to 2000 watts in only a four-square-centimeter area, Vapor Chambers are great for situations that require reducing a particular hot spot.

vivo T1 5G and vivo T1x

Our new T1 Series of smartphones brings a lot to be excited about, especially for hard-core gamers or those who enjoy binge-watching various streaming platform content. While they offer impeccable imaging, state-of-the-art screen technology, superb connectivity, and prolonged battery life, the main strength of the new vivo T1 5G and vivo T1x is their lightning-fast performance.

It’s not by accident that the “T” in the name of the series stands for Turbo. Thanks to the next-generation Snapdragon processors, our T1 series is able to provide a smooth and lag-free experience in gaming and streaming, even with the most demanding games and apps. Plus, we implemented the Vapor Chamber Cooling System to ensure that the performance never drops below maximum and allow you long gaming sessions without pausing or worrying about overheating.

Keep Your Phone Cool and Enjoy Peak vivo Performance

At vivo, our goal is to always bring cutting-edge technology to our customers, so they can get the most out of their phones and enjoy the ultimate user experience. By adding the Vapor Chamber Cooling System to the new vivo T1 5G and vivo T1x, our engineers have once again proven to be among the industry leaders when it comes to innovation. Putting your phone down to cool off is now a thing of the past, so you can relax and fight your intense gaming combat or watch a whole season of TV in one go.

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