5 Bad Habits Might Destroy Your vivo Smartphone

Bad Habits Destroying Your vivo Smartphone

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Most of us keep many aspects of our life on our smartphones: a way to reach out to loved ones, precious memories, our pastimes, and sensitive information. Having to replace your smartphone because it got damaged beyond repair is always a bad experience. If only we could minimize things like that happening…

In fact, we can: there are things that we do (or don’t do) that might be increasing the odds of our phone getting broken. Read on and know 5 bad habits can make your vivo smartphone harm, and learn the way for vivo phone protection.

The Most Common Types of Phone Damage

Dropping Your Phone

Even when after a fall your phone seems fine, it could be what damages your phone. Damage caused by a fall, even from a seemingly small height, may compromise your phone’s inner structure; for instance, loosening or breaking your screen, camera, or charging port.

Sitting on a Phone

Even when some phones are built with shock resistance in mind, they are not made to withstand pressure well. Screens and batteries may bend or crack easily with the average adult’s weight put on top of them. A solution? Try not to put your phone in your back pocket.

Into the Drink, Water Damage

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t experienced their phone falling onto the toilet, a pool, or even a drink, consider yourself lucky. Some smartphones are water-resistant; however, water and other liquid substances may find their way into your phone and alter its proper functioning. More on water resistance below.

The Randomness of Life

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. However, for a phone, it might mean an unexpected drop, food or drink spillage, sand or dust getting inside it, or being left in a very hot or cold place. All of these types of phone damage will affect it in different ways, so try to take care of it as much as you can.

5 Bad Habits Make Your vivo Smartphone Worse

Buying Cheap Cables

Having a spare charger and cable can be a lifesaver sometimes. But, if you’re thinking to get a spare or a replacement, a cable is something you must never cheap out on–using a cheap cable is what damages your phone battery, leaving you at potential risk of fire, electrocution, and even battery explosion.

Not Using a Case

Cases, beyond being a fashion add-on from your phone, carry the vital task of protecting your phone from external damage. Yes, some phones have their appeal when caseless; however, they are exposed to cracks, dents, and chips if it falls or gets hit. Just like a cavity, small damage on phones tends to build up and worsen over time. If we had to choose a single thing vital to your vivo phone protection, it would be your case.

Draining Your Battery Too Often

Batteries’ capacity tends to decrease over time and use. Letting your battery level drop below 10% all the time will accelerate this shortening. However, there are ways to extend your phone’s battery life, such as charging it when it reaches 30% and letting it reach a low level from time to time just so the battery sensors recalibrate.

Too Many Underwater Selfies

Dampness, water, and salt buildup will damage electronics’ circuitry easily. Underwater selfies are part of a trend formed by some companies announcing their devices as water-resistant. That said, don’t be fooled: no smartphone is completely waterproof. Your phone might withstand a spilled drink or splashing water if dried quickly, but it is not meant to take underwater selfies.

Not Practicing Good Security

Unlike many people state, smartphones are vulnerable to malware. This is one of the main reasons why software updates are a thing: security updates. Rooting your phone in order to install cracked paid apps from seedy sources might make your phone stop working; or even worse, leave your sensitive data exposed.

vivo After-sales service

How to check if the hardware of my vivo phone is damaged or not?

Other than checking for dents, scratches, and cracks on your phone’s surface, if your phone works fine, it means your hardware is in good condition. You can also take your phone to one of our service centers for a detailed inspection.

vivo smartphone protection

How to maintain my vivo phone if I don't use it for a long time?

Easy enough. You should charge it from time to time, up to 60-80%– you don’t need a full battery if not using your phone– and keep it in a cool, dry place. Remember, excessive heat, cold, dampness, and dust damage electronics.

Which free services does the vivo service center provide?

Luckily, the vivo Service Center can update, recover and clean your phone. Whether your phone seems slow and cluttered, outdated, or even rooted, we will get it back to working condition for you.


Owning a smartphone means being mindful of the threats to its functioning. Don’t worry, though; in vivo, we’re here for you every step of the way. Remember to sign up for vivo’s newsletter for more content like this. As a bonus, you will get the latest news, updates, exclusive deals, and discounts from vivo.

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