Why vivo V19 Is the Perfect Smartphone for Philippines 2020

Big News: The vivo V19 Will Soon be Released in the Philippines

After positive experiences with the vivo V17, consumers in the Philippines are excited to get to know the new vivo V19. This model is already on the market in India and Indonesia. Users in these areas have appreciated the combination of style, features and value that the V19 offers. With its fast processing and extensive camera features, this device is changing the way people think about phones and photography. When vivo V19 released in Philippines, you will want to be in line to get one.

Why vivo V19 is worthy to be expected and will be the amazing in Philippines

vivo advertises the V19 with the slogan, “Perfect Shot. Perfect Moment.” Smartphone camera technology has made great strides in recent years. Camera users that used to be satisfied with single-lens selfies now demand the ability to take high-quality, artistic shots. The whole point of a smartphone camera is the ability to take great pictures at a moment’s notice. The vivo V19 will not disappoint in this regard. In terms of photography, this device will be the best smartphone in Philippines 2020.

vivo V19 Vest Smartphone in Philippines 2020

32MP Dual Front Camera

One of the biggest upgrades from the V17 smartphone is a second camera on the front of the phone. In addition to a 32-megapixel selfie camera, there is a smaller 8-megapixel camera. This allows you to take wide-angle selfies with greater definition. Dual cameras help mimic the way people see the world, so your selfies will have greater depth and definition.

48MP AI Quad Camera

The back of the camera has even more photography options. Here, the main camera has an even more powerful 48-megapixel lens. Like the front camera, there is an 8-megapixel lens for wide-angle shots. The other two cameras will enhance your photos even more. The 2-megapixel depth lens allows you to create images with unsurpassed detail.

The 2-megapixel macro shooter is designed especially for extreme close-ups. One of the challenges that many smartphone photographers have is close-up pictures that are out of focus. This can make artistic shots difficult. It can also make simple tasks like taking a photo of a document for safekeeping a challenge. The macro shooter will make your phone a helpful tool for both creative and practical function.

Vivo V19 Four Rear Camera

Extreme Computing Power

Although many customers in the Philippines will be excited about the cameras, the functionality of the vivo V19 is supported by other important features. The device has a sizeable 6.44-inch screen in full HD. It will be perfect for streaming your favorite shows or casual gaming. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor partnered with 8GB of RAM helps the phone do its work at lightning-fast speeds. This processor is an important upgrade from the quad-processor of the V17. The vivo V19 comes with storage option: 128GB.

Flexible Connectivity

The vivo V19 has many options for connectivity. It is compatible with the 4G wireless network as well as being fully internet ready. With its USB port, you can connect it to your laptop or other devices for data transfer. The 3.5mm audio port means that you can continue to use your familiar headphones with the device. However, the vivo V19 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can be connected to earbuds or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Extra-fast Charging

Battery life and charging are critical issues for smartphone users. If your phone runs out of charge at the wrong moment, you will miss that important picture or critical text. The vivo V19 runs on a 4500 mAh battery with 33W fast charging. According to Vivo, this unit can go from empty to 54% in just 30 minutes. If you charge your phone while you are having lunch, you will be ready for hours of photos, gaming and communication.

A Powerful Value

All of these features come to you at a significant value. The vivo V19 price puts it in the mid-range of the smartphone market. You will be pleasantly surprised to find all of these features in an affordable phone. The Vivo V19 will let you take the perfect shot at the perfect moment at the perfect price.

What kinds of good experiences a vivo v19 can give you?

The vivo V19 is far more than a source of stunning photography. It is a smartphone that can improve many aspects of your daily life. Whether you are looking for assistance with communication, productivity or entertainment, this unit is designed to help.

The V19 comes equipped with the FuntouchOS. The first thing you will notice about your screen is the clean organization. All of the navigation screens of the vivo V19 use ample whitespace for clarity and contrast. Your apps will be easy to find when they are not set up in a confusing way. In addition, the icons in the V19 adapt to your wallpaper. If an icon has a color similar to the paper, it will automatically change itself to become more visible

Design Options for Your Unique Personality

In addition to the standard white background, the FuntouchOS has a dark color mode. In this mode, the background is black and the icons take darker hues. This mode is often easier on your eyes if you are working with your phone at night.

Vivo V19 Funtouch

Unlike previous operating systems, the FuntouchOS lets you choose lock screen pictures from a wide array. You can also set it in a random mode that will give you a different picture every time you look at it.

Helpful Gaming Assistance

The FuntouchOS was created with gamers in mind. The Game Box suite of features will improve your performance and experience. Using visual sound localization will help you track enemies in first-person shooter games. A graphic display indicates the direction of gunfire and footsteps. You will find your enemies before they find you.

The game countdown clock sits on your main display. In many games, you have to spend some time waiting before you respawn or start a new adventure. When the clock is coordinated with your game, you can work on other business while you wait for the next round without needing to go back to the game screen.

Finally, the onboard game assistant lets you access other features of your phone without needing to exit the game. With this device, you can modify your gameplay, temporarily block notifications and let phone calls go straight to your voicemail.

Advanced Photography Techniques

While the cameras on the vivo V19 are an exciting feature, the FuntouchOS has some photography tricks up its sleeve. Using its advanced processing ability, the V19 can enhance your low-light photos for stunning night photography. This system can also process a series of photos to make magical time-lapsed images. The creative possibilities are endless.

When vivo V19 released in Philippines, you will want to take advantage of its powerful features at an affordable price. If you are looking for a phone that can help you personally, professionally and creatively, the Vivo V19 is the perfect solution. The more you learn about this phone, the more excited you will be for the day it is available for purchase in the Philippines.