Key Differences Between a Good Phone Camera & A Bad One

Good Phone Camera vs Bad One

Either you are an amateur or a skilled user of smartphone photography, a phone with superb camera features/technology will certainly give you confidence and boost your productivity.

Good Phone Camera vs Bad One

As most mobile companies strive to leap in advancements when it comes to phone cameras, it is expected that they’ll be releasing new ones one after the other with better specs and technology.

The array of choices is stunning and they all come perfect in the advertisements without a flaw. But how can we distinguish a good phone camera from a bad one?

To separate the right camera phone from all the candidates that somehow meet your needs/requirements, you must compare certain specifications. In this article, we have listed (five) 5 of them to help you land on a satisfying smartphone.

1. Having face beauty is far from enough

Face beauty has already become a standard package of smartphones for photography. And we need more than that for selfie-taking.

These days, people who are keen on taking selfies tend to pursue a more natural look. vivo V20 for professional selfie stands out from the rest with a more sophisticated function – Selfie Soft-light Band, which responds to the public requirements.

vivo V20 for professional selfie

Rather than a sharp and unnatural LED flash, the feature will use advanced AI algorithm to improve the brightness of your face in the dark. Moreover, in a setting with imperfect lightnings, vivo V20 will balance your skin tone automatically without aberration.

2. Camera smartphones without AI Bokeh is outdated

What makes a smartphone become the best for selfie is how high the technology it comes with. Artificial Intelligence feature may also be common to some, but surely the best phone camera for photography may surprise you when it’s partnered with Bokeh.

The AI Bokeh Camera on vivo V20 series is capable of detecting the contour of the subject, and creating a natural blurring effect for the background. This feature is very helpful in portrait photography when the subject needs to be highlighted and separated from the surroundings.

One tip here is to observe whether the in-between areas are also blurred. Obviously, this is a crucial threshold of a good bokeh camera and a not so good one.

3. Still using a tripod? Check out these amazing features

Despite its help for taking selfies and obtaining stable pictures at night, it is still inconvenient to bring a tripod during a trip.

As a multi-functional camera smartphone, vivo V20 smartphones eliminates the need tripods. The wide-angle views and night mode give you a chance to leave your tripods at home for good.

4. The one who controls stabilization wins

A good camera smartphone should be consistent across all other modes. Stability is the main contributing factor for video quality in any mobile phones.

vivo V20 series with 4k HD video and Motion Autofocus has roared ahead by sharply capturing fast-moving subjects. Say goodbye to blurry and shaky videos by double tapping on your target subject. You will be amazed by how stable and clear your video is.

This is why other brands fall behind vivo in terms of selfie video shooting – the stabilization control.

5. Aperture: the larger, the better?

Unlike how it works on the traditional digital cameras, the aperture on smartphone cameras cannot be adjusted. That is, if a smartphone is said to have an f/2.2 aperture, it is impossible to change it to allow enough light in.

It sounds limiting on camera phones. But don’t worry. To satisfy different scenes, vivo V20 for professional photography has introduced triple lenses with apertures ranging from f/1.89 to f/2.4. That means with a single smartphone, you can adjust the aperture to your liking in any setting.

What makes a camera smartphone the wise choice is not how large the aperture is, but the capability the phone has to adjust it.

6. Megapixels matter

The battleground of aperture is very critical. The competition in resolution is no exception.

The current leaders with the highest resolution among other smartphones are vivo V20 and vivo V20 pro, which both have a definition of 44MP front and 64MP rear cameras.

If you’re planning on a new camera smartphone, look for the one with enough image clarity and quality. Needless to say, vivo V20 series is the best option for someone who wants to do post-process enhancement on the mobile photos.

The Ultimate Choice? vivo V20 Series.

Now you may have a better gauge on good phone cameras and bad ones. A not so good camera smartphone could save you a few bucks, but could lead to more dissatisfaction in terms of low image quality, limited aperture options, bad performance at night, strange skin tone, etc.

The best vivo smartphones for selfie

The solution? The best vivo smartphones for selfie, vivo V20 or V20 pro. To amazingly capture photographs with a bunch of overwhelming specs, it is definitely the ultimate smartphone for photography you are looking for.

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