How To Boost Internet Speed On Your vivo Phone

Smartphone Internet Speed Troubleshooting Guide

In our previous blog, we’ve listed 11 tips on how to speed up your vivo phone. This instruction covered a wide range of ways to improve your vivo performance by very simple steps.

But when it comes to the internet speed, things are getting tricky as problems may occur beyond the mobile phone itself. That’s why how to boost mobile internet speed is a broad question often asked by Android users.

how to boost mobile internet speed

5 Tricks Before Taking Actions to Increase Mobile Internet Speed

Don’t rush to long technical documents for help, because sometimes things can be way much easier to troubleshoot than we have imagined.

If there is no network and signal, please confirm:

  1. Whether you have turned the airplane mode off
    Try to restart your phone or turn the flight mode on and off and see whether it connects to the network and gets the signal back.
  1. Whether the SIM card/cards come loose from the card slot
    Take out the SIM card(s), check if there is any dirt, oxidation or distortion. If so, clean it and put it nicely back to the slot. Change a new SIM card if necessary, and then turn the flight mode on and off to see if it works.
mobile network not available

If the cellphone signal is unstable or poor, please check:

  1. Whether your service is suspended due to insufficient balance
    The carrier card usually comes with a data package with a certain limit. Internet access will be restricted if data usage outnumbers the traffic limit. You can contact the customer service of your carrier to check if your sim card exceeds the limit.
  1. Whether you are in an area with poor signal
    If you find that your network isn’t working well, you can try to stay in a different location and measure the signal strength.


  1. Whether you are using a magnetic phone case
    Please confirm whether a magnetic/metal protective phone case or magnetic phone holder is used. If so, get rid of the products made of metal/magnetic materials and try plastic or leather substitutes.

Cards with magnetic chips may interfere with the signal and can cause deterioration of signal and slowing of internet speed.

If the same problem persists, then you can try to follow troubleshooting guide that came with your mobile phone. For vivo users, you may see the instructions below to boost Android Internet speed.

Smartphone Internet Speed Troubleshooting Guide

The internet speed is determined primarily by Wi-Fi network performance and carrier data usage.

How to boost slow data network speed?

1. Upgrade to a 5G smartphone.

Global Telecom has announced that it has launched the 5G in Manila, and it is expecting to roll out its service to more cities in the Philippines. If you reside in the Metro, you must try a smartphone with 5G connectivity.

Downloading a 2-hour movie in a few seconds, 5G mobile network is extremely fast like never before. Deployed with 5G cells, the vivo V20 Pro is the best bet for 2021. V20 Pro is a whole package with everything beyond your expectations: 44MP front camera + 64MP rear camera, 2400×1080 high-resolution screen, powerful battery with fast charging, and more.

2. Turn off data roaming.

If you happened to turn on the data roaming in your smartphone, it will not only waste your traffic, but slow down the Internet speed.

Take vivo as an example, go to settings > Dual SIMs and Mobile Network > SIM card info and settings, click each of your SIM cards and check SIM settings. Please make sure the “Data roaming” is turned off in gray.

vivo smartphone reset APN

3. Reset APN (Access Point Name)

Likewise, under SIM settings you can see the Access point name (APN). Click it and you’ll see an interface like this:

Click on “Reset to default” until you see a notification saying “Reset to default APN settings completed”. Now you can have your smartphone breathe.

4. Expand the memory

It is highly recommended to transfer your local music, games, photos and videos to the extra memory card. With this, it will not only allow your mobile phone to breathe and speed up, but also make data transfer easier from an old vivo phone to a new one.

5. Clear the data and cache of the apps

Enter Settings > More Settings > App manager > touch “More” at the upper right corner > Show system processes > the app > Storage > Clear data. Other Android phones may have similar setting steps.

6. Avoid using your smartphone in the peak hour (9 pm)

According to studies, people are most active on their cellphones at 9 pm. Using smartphones at around 8-10 pm is likely to face a drop in the Internet speed. Better not to surf the Internet with your mobile devices in this period.

How to fix slow Wi-Fi?

  1. Restart the Wi-Fi router and try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi.
  2. Come closer to the router.
    The signal gets weakened by far distance or physical intervals like a wall.
  3. Reduce the number of users of the home network.
    Kick out Wi-Fi freeloaders if any. Home networks have limited speed and bandwidth. The Internet speed will slow down with a large number of users.
  4. Buy a new router with higher bandwidth.

One thing you should avoid is using third-party accelerating applications/software to boost Internet speed. You are at high risk of exposing yourself to personal data leakage and vicious attack by malicious groups.

Boosting Internet Speed in Your Mobile

Remember the above 5 tricks before speeding up your Android mobile device, this will save you a lot of time and effort diving into more technical things. In most cases, it is not the smartphone itself that goes wrong. By a few steps of setting, you can troubleshoot Internet speed issues with a snap.

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