What Are The Most Useful Features Of Affordable Smartphones

Most Useful Features Of Affordable Smartphones

We know it, you want to find a cellphone with optimum functionality and reasonable price instead of going bankrupt for a fancy smartphone with unwanted features beyond daily use.

During the CES 2021, the most influential high-tech event in the globe, which recently concluded, a large number of brands made their debuts with cutting-edge technology.

With all the major advancements in the tech industry, especially with the innovations being done on smartphones, it is just right to ask whether these innovations are really relevant to consumers.

What then does matter when choosing a smartphone considering the crucial features for mid-range smartphones?

Mid-Range Smartphones’ Core Features Are Being Improved to Attract Consumers

You are far from alone in this common sense, that smartphones targeting the mid-range or low-end markets may sacrifice quality for the price. But it is not always the case as some brands like vivo want to stand out in the market with high-quality products.

Mid-Range Smartphones’ Core Features

You may want to look for these crucial features of mid-range smartphones that are deemed necessary.

1. Longer battery life

A classy smartphone without a long-lasting battery is like a tough beast born without a strong heart. Never sacrifice the battery life for the price as this will become a basic flaw that might irritate you all the time in the future.

The vivo Y20i series, both 2020 and 2021 versions, is more preferable than their mid-range counterparts with respect to battery life. Powered by a 5000mAh battery, it performs better at long-time screen usage.

Without having the inconvenience of carrying a charger or a power bank with you everywhere, you can play mobile games on a vivo Y20i smartphone for up to 9 hours when fully charged.

2. High storage capacity or an expandable memory

Nowadays, various kinds of data dominate the storage of your mobile devices. Thousands of photos you’re unwilling to delete, fun games that take up a lot of space, the whole music library that you listen to again and again, these all make the storage obviously crucial.

With an internal memory of 64GB that can be expandable up to 256GB, the vivo Y20i 2021 enables you to store data in a separate SD card. Now you are free from the frustration of insufficient storage.

3. Reasonable RAM

Different from the actual memory space, RAM is not to be confused with ROM (read-only memory). ROM can be expanded through micro-SD cards, while RAM is something default at the birth of a mobile phone.

Therefore, choosing the right RAM for your needs at the beginning is very important. The more RAM you have, the quicker your apps can run your phone.

Usually, phones with a minimum RAM of 2GB is enough for daily workflows. In case you heavily depend on apps and games and prefer to run many applications at the same time, it is recommended to consider a cellphone with more than 4GB of RAM.

4. Dual-way security access

Information security witnesses its importance in the contemporary society especially when the phone gets lost. You definitely don’t want your personal data to be tampered with by others without your knowledge. Your financial accounts will also be under threat if binding with your smartphone.

In this case, security access with at least dual authentication is a must-have feature of present-day mobile phones. Password is far from enough as it is easy to be cracked and spied.

Biological authentication is a groundbreaking solution. Face access, fingerprint sensor and eye recognition are some good examples. vivo Y20i series has the former two ways of security access, ensuring your accounts safety to a large extent.

5. High-quality front and rear cameras

People rely on phone cameras so much these days that many phone brands put a lot of effort developing smartphones for mobile photography.

vivo has made huge progress in developing cellphones with high-definition cameras. vivo maintains its leading position in the industry by continuously improving the camera technology not only for photo-taking but also for video-shooting mode.

Selfie camera capacities can start from 8 Million pixels and go all the way up to 44MP like what vivo V20 series has. On average, 8MP is enough for light camera users. As for those who are keen on phone photography, a higher resolution is needed.

The vivo V20 and V20 Pro can correspond to the requirements with a 44MP front camera as well as a 64MP rear camera. More and the most useful features in vivo smartphones can be found on vivo’s official website.

vivo V20

Best selfie shooting experience with the 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera

Affordable High-Functioning Handsets Exist

Last but not least, a reasonable price is something you should definitely look for in a handset. An incredibly high price beyond your financial reach will exclude a cellphone from the wish list despite how useful its features are.

Certainly, it may seem tricky to pick the best phone for your needs among all the affordable smartphones available. A more practical goal based on the useful specs when choosing a smartphone is by focusing on the battery life, ROM and RAM, security access and phone cameras.

It is undeniable that all these crucial features can be found on vivo smartphones. In fact, the release of vivo Y20i 2021 marks the symbolic hour of birth of an affordable handset with cutting-edge expertise in core aspects: longer battery life, high storage capacity, enough RAM for fast processing, dual-way access and superior mobile cameras.

For sure, with vivo smartphones you will make a satisfying investment in your new mobile phone.

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