Romantic Gift Ideas Under ₱ 8,000 on Valentine’s Day

gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

The one-time-a-year romantic V-Day is around the corner. Guess you are scratching your head and trying to dig out some thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021.

A digital razor? A bar of lipstick? Or showing up at your partner’s door empty-handed? It is total cliché to send some best-selling gifts special for Valentine’s day, as these disposable gifts will soon become useless and meaningless after that day.

If you have no idea what gifts are more meaningful and last longer, vivo provides several novel V-Day gift ideas for you to choose from.

Tips for Choosing Gifts: If It’s Your First V-Day

Before heading to the gift list, it’s better to keep some golden rules in mind. Make sure you wouldn’t be a “deal-breaker” on Valentine’s Day.  Learn what should you consider to choosing a Valentines ‘Day gifts.

1. What Matters Is Not the Price

You definitely want to bring your beloved one tokens of appreciation, like things that have meaning to him/her. What really matters is not the price of the gifts, but the fact that you care about him/her.

Don’t be obsessed with presents beyond your financial reach.

2. Choose an Area of Your Expertise

Just because a product comes from a well-known brand doesn’t mean that it is a “turnkey solution”. The choices depend highly on personal preferences. It will lower the risk if you choose gifts from your familiar realms.

3. Pick the Best Within Your Budget

If your budget is ₱ 8,000, purchase a first-class camera smartphone rather than a third-class digital camera.

The gift should be practical, durable, commemorative, and easy to carry so that they can always bring the gift with them.

A gift with a high-class appearance would also be appreciated. When they see the gift, they will think of the person who gave the gift to them.

4 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

When choosing gifts for her, it’s the thought that counts. If she happens to consider a new smartphone but balks at the high price, your chance is coming. Here are vivo’s top picks for the coming Valentine’s day that will surely fit your budget!

1. Photography Phone (about ₱ 8,000)

Like the above tips mentioned, always choose the best one within your budget. ₱ 8,000 couldn’t get you a professional camera, but it can get you a smartphone with incredible photo features.

If your girlfriend/wife are keen on taking selfies or photos, vivo Y20i is a good idea for 2021 V-Day gift. It would perfectly hit the spot. With face beauty, 13MP+2MP built-in cameras and up to f/1.8 aperture, this camera phone at an affordable price is the best choice for your loved one.

vivo Y20i for Valentines Day 2021

Weighing only 191g, vivo Y20i camera phone is a more portable substitute for a micro DSLR. The glittery appearance and high-class design will surely win her heart at the first sight. Vivo has also launched Y20i 2021 version, you can make her 2021 special by impressing the girl in your life with this stylish phone for photography.

2. An Entry-Level Smartphone (about ₱ 6,000)

What if you have a tight budget but really want to surprise the girl you have a crush on? Worry no more, the more affordable smartphone vivo Y11 will correspond to your needs.

Though it comes with a super competitive price (₱ 5,999), vivo Y11 will not let you down by its 5000mAh long-lasting battery and advanced fingerprint reader.

It gets risky if you choose something that you know little about for men, such as a professional gaming keyboard. Likewise, men can be very picky about these kinds of stuff.

What are some of the creative and unique gifts you can get for the man of your life? Here we recommend 2 gifts that he will cherish forever.

1. Bluetooth Earbuds (about ₱ 5,000)

A pair of portable wireless earphones can free the hands of your man under many circumstances, like jogging, working, and chatting with you through mobile phone. vivo TWS Neo earphone is a good choice as well. It offers a studio-level sound experience. Super audio experience and comes with a new industry standard that is equipped with a low latency mode of 88ms for gaming and video calls.

2. Gaming Smartphone (about ₱ 8,000)

Have you ever heard him complain about the soon-dying battery or limited storage of his mobile phone? Well, it’s time to offer him a new phone for long-time gameplay.

There are a great many gaming phones in the market, but none of them comes with long-life batteries (5,000mAh) as well as a competitive price (₱ 7,499) like vivo Y30.

This newly-released cellphone by vivo has long enough battery life and large enough memory (up to 256GB) to support as many mobile games as he likes.

Start to Prepare Your Gifts Right Now!

The clock is ticking. You should be prepared in advance to make time for wrapping the presents and considering a romantic way to give it to your loved ones on 14th Feb.

Either of the four options vivo has recommended is affordable and high-performing. Check out vivo’s official store and get one for her/him!

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