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Dual camera smartphones are mobile phones with two separate cameras on the back of the device. They have two camera lenses, which are located next to each other and have complementary features for a perfect photographic capture.

These smartphones were first launched in 2007 but were not widely accepted. Later in 2016, several devices with this feature launched and since then dual cameras have become almost a classic in most new technology mobile phones.

What Is Dual Video Feature?

Dual Video

The hallmark of dual cameras is the accessibility to previously underrated functions of high-tech DSLR cameras. You can get bokeh, 3D photos, and wide-angle shots. The second lens is usually located on the back of the device next to the main lens.

However, this does not always happen and in the newer models that are released, you can find the second lens on the front of your phone, allowing you to take wide-angle selfies.

How Do Dual-Camera Phones Work?

In dual-camera smartphones, one camera works in addition to the other. The main camera takes most of the work of capturing the image, and the secondary one refines the result.

This is achieved by increasing the sharpness of the photos taken, the zoom capabilities, the shooting of wide-angle images, and the focus on the depth of field.

Benefits Of Dual-Camera Smartphones

Improving Special Effects

One of the main advantages of dual-camera smartphones is the ability to create more “3D” images. The dual camera provides unquestionably greater perspective.

The secondary lens provides accurate distance analysis and aspires to a perfect 3D result. In addition, the deep field analysis, allows the development of other effects, as analyzed in the following lines.

The Bokeh Effect

The secondary lens captures additional content, improving the clarity of the image. Some smartphones offer you the ability to add color effects of your choice, both in the foreground and in the background of the image. While in others you can copy parts of the images and add them to other photos.

Augmented Reality

Dual camera smartphones are sometimes equipped with a 3 in 1 “time-of-flight” camera, as well as a “fish-eye” lens. The mechanism of operation is simple: the camera has a built-in infrared laser so that the light is reflected.

In such a case, the depth of field can be calculated with great precision electronically and then captured by RBG sensors. In addition, there is the possibility to determine at any time the current position of the user.

Improving The Phone's Photography Potential

The second sensor in a dual-camera smartphone can reproduce only black and white images, but the analysis is done in greater detail. Of course, the final result is exceptional, as color can be added through special software.

Impressive photos even in poor lighting conditions

Every photographer, professional or amateur, knows that lighting is the A and Z of a good photo. If you are an expert then with special effects and photoshop you will be able to turn a dark imprint into an idyllic image.

Beginners, however, need more ideal conditions for an equally good result. At this point, the secondary camera comes in handy, capturing all the details beautifully and adding backlighting.

Zoom With Minimal Loss Of Quality

Zoom is a very nice feature of smartphones, but it makes it difficult to sharpen the image. Most mobile devices use digital zoom technology, but this is not enough for a good photoshoot.

The main advantage of dual-camera smartphones is the wide-angle of their secondary sensor. This simply implies a wider range of image capture, giving it another dimension. The main image is placed in the background and the zoom function is simply activated.

vivo Y73 Dual-View Video - Tell Both Sides of Your Story

vivo Y73

vivo Y73 is a Dual View Video smartphone, designed with state-of-the-art specifications and all the vivo phones photography features. Turn on both cameras, let them work at the same time, and capture the world around you.

16 MP Front Camera

The 16MP front camera combines inspiring stability with ultra-stable video. The Steadiface Selfie Video stabilizes your face within the frame so that the final image is of its highest definition.

64 MP Rear Camera

The rear camera of the vivo Y73 smartphone offers you 64 MP Ultra HD Photos. Capture your every moment with absolute clarity, utilizing the “aI super night mode”.

This camera is equipped with brand new City Night filters and gives shine to the darkness of the city. Ultra stable video on the rear camera ensures extremely stable video even when you are doing your favorite sport.

Finally Thought

Owning a dual camera smartphone is not something remarkable nowadays. However, vivo Y73 camera features will make the difference in the photographic depictions of your unique moments and will create a beautiful album of memories. This is a valuable purchase and an everyday tool that deserves your attention.

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