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The vivo X50 Smartphones are Coming to the Philippines

The smartphone world is thrilled with the release of the vivo X50 smartphone series. The company released three phones into the Chinese market in June of this year. Immediately, the tech world noticed the gimbal-like camera in the vivo X50 Pro and X50. Filipino consumers are waiting expectantly for the vivo X50 launch in Philippines in August.

You may not have heard much about this next generation of vivo phones, but there are many exciting features in these small packages. Although a vivo X50 quickly review will not do justice to the technology, it can serve as an introduction to these new products.

What are the features of vivo X50 worthy to expect?

vivo X50 series represents the latest in vivo phone technology. These phones incorporate some of the innovations that vivo introduced in the vivo Apex 2020 concept phone. Even though that phone is not yet a reality, the X50 series will change the way you think about smart devices.

Gimbal Camera

A Deeper Understanding of the Gimbal Camera Innovation

Video stability has long been a challenge for smartphone users. Unless you are working with a tripod or other exterior stabilization equipment, video can be shaky and look unprofessional. The gimbal-like camera in the X50 series is the first of its kind in the smartphone world. Like a gyroscope, the lens can hold its position even as the body of the camera moves.

As part of the X50 package, vivo includes a digital motion meter that will also help give the user a sense of the camera’s stability. With this feature, you will discover stable action video. You will also see improvements in low-light photography where the lens aperture stays open for a longer period.

Innovative Exterior Design

The exterior is the first thing you notice about any device. The X50 series comes with a 6.56-inch curved AMOLED screen for a clear view of any kind of media. An excellent screen improves your ability to take great pictures.

The phones come in three colors: frost blue, glaze black and alpha grey. However, vivo uses an anti-glare frosting technique that changes the color of the phone depending on the viewing angle. For example, frost blue turns into a deep blue as the phone turns away from the viewer.

One of the amazing things about the X50 series is that all of this innovation comes in a compact design. Currently, at 8mm wide, the X50 phone is the thinnest smartphone on the market. Sleek style and practical function make this a phone to notice.

Powerful Performance

A smartphone is only is as good as its performance. The design does not matter if the device cannot meet the needs of the consumer. vivo X50 series has the power that users require for daily functions and advanced applications.

The processing speeds of vivo X50 series vary from phone to phone. vivo X50 and X50 Pro come with the Snapdragon 765 processor that will give most users the speed they need for high-demand applications. vivo X50 Pro Plus takes it up a level with the even faster Snapdragon 865.

In this series, vivo combines fast processing ability with ample memory. 8GB of RAM will keep applications running smoothly. 256 GB of internal storage will give you plenty of room for apps, videos and pictures.

One of the most important performance innovations is the ability of X50 series phones to connect to a 5G network. When processing power is combined with the fast dataflow of 5G, you will have a device that can give gaming and streaming without a hint of lag.

Professional-Quality Video and Photography

Tools for Professional-Quality Video and Photography

From amateur photographers to professional vloggers, people depend on their smartphones to provide excellent content. vivo X50 series gives its users an array of options for taking pictures and video.

The most exciting new feature is the gimbal-like 48 MP camera in the X50 Pro and X50 Pro Plus. This stabilizing device is especially helpful for providing steady video. It also improves low-light photography by minimizing blur.

The main camera is matched with three more lenses. An 8MP wide lens allows for impressive scenic photography. The 8MP periscope lens features Hyper Zoom technology that can give 60x magnification. A 13MP “bokeh” lens is perfect for artistic close-ups. In addition, the front of the phone includes a 32MP selfie camera.

As with the most recent generations of vivo phones, the X50 series takes advantage of emerging AI technology to enhance and improve photographs. You can capture exciting video content with the Pro Sports Mode. Night Mode Pro and Night Portrait modes use AI to improve the clarity of low-light shots.

Enhanced User Experience

vivo X50 series has the Funtouch 10.5 OS for Android. This operating system uses open space and simple design for easy navigation. It also includes several helpful tools such as the Jovi health and fitness application and the EasyShare file transfer tool that will increase productivity. Also, Funtouch has AI beauty tools for improving your photographs and an Album feature for storing and retrieving them.

Competitive Pricing

The vivo X50 and X50 Pro give you high-end features at a reasonable price. This series is one of the first to bring 5G connectivity into the mid-range market. The extra features of the X50 Pro Plus put in on the low side of the high-range market.

Is vivo X50 worthy to buy?

With exciting features at an affordable price, the vivo X50 and vivo X50 Pro will be helpful tools for any smartphone user. As the vivo X50 series makes its way to the Philippines, you will want to do more research and learn the full advantages of this new technology.

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