How to Save Battery on vivo V19 Neo

How to save battery on vivo phones

These days the phone doesn’t provide easy access to users to the battery, which can make battery replacement an expensive procedure. So, it’s better to treat your battery right in the first place.

Most of the people remain unaware of these important facts and then complain about drainage in the battery. The battery has undergone many changes within the past few years and has better power performances than earlier. Just a little care and it will give you worthy results.

These are also related environmental concerns, so in this article, we will be sharing you about how to save battery on vivo V19 Neo.

Battery manufacturers say that after about 400 cycles, a phone battery’s capacity will degrade by 20%. It will only be able to store 80% of the energy it did initially and will continue to deteriorate with additional charge cycles, but in reality, it’s faster than that.

If you slow down your charge cycle, you can extend the period of your battery life. It would be possible if they are less drained, which can be done by following necessary steps without hampering your enjoyment of using a smartphone.

Top Vivo V19 Neo Save Battery Tips

Make sure not to leave your phone in the car during extreme summer and winters to avoid shortening of its life span. It is also said that the best way to charge your battery is to get completely drained.

You can also plug them when it’s below 20% and unplug it when it reaches 80% for the best usage. So, let’s start with vivo V19 Neo battery tips to enhance its life.

1. Turn off notification from less used apps:

If you are wondering how to save battery on vivo phones, then these following steps will help you do so. Although notifications are essential to make you update with your emails and WhatsApp messages, there are lots of unwanted information that keeps beeping on your phone. You can turn off the notification permission of those by going into settings, status bar, and then clicking on app preferences.

You will have the list of apps that appeared in front of you, which you can enable or disable depending upon the preferences. The notification doesn’t let the phone sleep by keeping it awake and sucking the power.

2. Turn off GPS:

GPS is a great way to know how far you are from a location when you are in need of direction, but users don’t need this location services very often. GPS is one main factor that causes the drain to the battery. Many apps require GPS permission, but you can use WI-FI based location instead of it. Turning off the GPS would save a lot of battery.

3. Set/Adjust Screen Brightness:

Go for setting constant brightness instead of automatic brightness to adjust your screen lighting. Doing this can save a lot of battery as the brightness level would be placed as per your requirement instead of being set to the maximum without any use. To do so, click on settings, display, and then on the brightness level, and it will reduce the work of the light sensor.

save battery on vivo v19 neo

4. Turn off vibration on press:

If your phone vibrates when you press keys while typing or in a phone display, it may feel good to you but it consumes lots of power. Please make sure you turn it off to save battery.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi:

Turn off your WI-FI when not in use. Unnecessary connecting to it 24/7 would drain your battery much faster than average.

6. Turn off Sync:

Syncing also drains the battery, so turn it off for the apps like mail when not in use by going to settings and sync.

7. Turn off auto-update:

Apps like google play always get connected with the server and checks for updates, which makes the battery drain fast, so turn off the auto-update to save the same.

8. Shorten Screen Timeout time:

When you leave your phone for some time, it automatically turns off, but it might take 2 minutes to do so, which is more than needed. Larger screen time consumes a way too much battery, so shorten it to save your charge. It can be done by heading towards settings > Lock screen, password> Sleep and choose the time you prefer.

9. Use static wallpaper instead of living wallpaper:

Make use of static wallpaper instead of living wallpaper. Live wallpaper may look very attractive, but the 3D effect consumes a lot of battery while getting your battery life declined.

10. Turn on Airplane Mode in low signal areas:

If you ever face weak signals, remember your phone will start consuming more energy, so it’s better to put it on airplane mode. This makes all the battery consuming process switched off. This is the reason why the phone gets charged a little faster when switched off.

11. Keep phone updated:

Updating the phone keeps it optimized and free of bugs, so keep updating your phone for the prolonged battery.

12. Power Saving Mode vivo V19 Neo

vivo V19 Neo comes with Li-Polymer 4500.0 mAh battery, which can be used for longer by enabling power saving in vivo V19 Neo.

Firstly, press the power key for long for a few seconds and switch on the mobile then choose Settings and Battery. Now turn on Low Power Mode to save your battery more efficiently. You can also use low power mode to turn on superpower mode, but it will turn off many other options to save energy.

13. Use the producer’s charger

Always charge with the charger given along with the device. Avoid using charging with USB as they use less than one ampere, and modern devices usually need 2 amperes or more. You can also buy chargers with more than 2 amperes which are available in the market.

14. Turn off background apps

Many apps continue running in the background even after closing it, which may cause massive strain on the battery. You can limit your app ability to consume power by leaning on the operating system’s Adaptive Battery feature, located in the Battery section of the system settings.

These apps include those who keep alerting you with information by doing autonomous communication in the background. You can also turn off the broadcasting or streaming of rich content, which includes display graphics and animation. This makes your processor work harder.

how to save battery on vivo v19 neo

Powerful Battery Saving Features of vivo V19 Neo

There are some more steps to save battery on vivo V19 Neo, like choosing a dark color theme that doesn’t block the backlight. This uses less energy than brighter colors, especially with phone shaving AMOLED screens. There also exhibits more dark theme icons, or you can even customize it with the available apps on play store. It helps to remove the white space off the screen and gives a soothing look.

Nowadays, many apps come with dark theme settings. These were the above steps to make your battery survive long-lasting, even without compromising your enjoyment and following the necessary steps. These steps not only help the battery performance but upgrades the life of your phone by enhancing its performance. Knowing about your phone and taking care of it will make the user process smooth and relaxing.

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