vivo X50 Pro – Not Just Good Looking

vivo X50 Pro – Not Just Good Looking

vivo X50 Pro is already Close to Flag-ship Level Performance

When another brand announced the new machine Nord next door, it was the presence of Snapdragon 765G that gave the mid-range machine “strong enough performance” to achieve “an experience similar to the flagship” product. 

This sentence does have some truth, especially in the past two years, the threshold for high-renew rate panels are getting lower and lower, and various Turbo software optimizations. A considerable number of users may indeed not be able to perceive the difference in fluency between mid-range and flagship phones in daily use.

When I try to review for vivo X50 and vivo X50 Pro, they give me this feeling, if I only use my mobile phone to surf the Internet, chat, and watch movies, the S765G-based Pro model does not feel much slower than the S865 Plus Pro+.

The difference is felt mainly while playing a heavy game, one is that it can be played, and the other is that the game becomes a bit more enjoyable. But that being said, Pro+ is not a game-oriented product after all. In terms of heat dissipation, control, etc. It still can’t catch up with those mobile phones with obvious e-sports trends.

Of course, there is still a gap between the mid-range machine and the flagship machine, that is, it will be more prone to lag after long-term use than the flagship machine of the same period. For people who will use a mobile phone for a long time, this is indeed a factor to consider, but if the replacement cycle is not that long, the cost of replacing a mid-level product is correspondingly lower.

Battery Life of vivo X50 Pro - Good enough for Daily Use

In terms of battery life, although the X50 Pro with a 4,315mAh battery does not look much different from the 4,350mAh Pro+, the actual performance is not as robust as the latter. After the author’s usual test (IM at the highest update rate, full synchronization, one hour of video, one hour of music, half an hour of surfing, half an hour of gaming), Pro+ can save 58% of the battery, while Pro only has 49 %.

Normally, both of them can be used for a day, but the only one who can make people feel relieved to go out without the power bank is Pro+.

Battery Life of vivo X50 Pro

As for the charging speed, the wired fast charging specifications of X50 Pro and Pro+ are 33W and 44W respectively. The wireless charging is nowhere near enough, considering the thin and light body, it cannot be held accountable. After half an hour of charging, the power of the two reached 60% and 69% respectively. Pro is fully charged in 65 minutes, while Pro+ only took 54 minutes.

Amazing Display and Sound of X50 Pro for Viewing and Hearing

In terms of embracing the speed of high update rate screens, vivo is relatively slow among the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers. The main shipping line in the X series only broke through 60Hz, in this year’s X50 generation. On paper, the biggest difference between X50 Pro and Pro+ is the update rate of 90Hz and 120Hz. In actual use, Pro+ does give people a smoother feel in games and other aspects.

Amazing Display and Sound of X50 Pro

Excluding the update rate, both products are 6.56 inches in size, and the panels are both FHD+ 55-degree curved surfaces. The conventional maximum brightness of both exceeds 500 nits, and the visibility in outdoor sunlight is satisfactory.

As for the color style, as usual, it is adjustable as per the settings set by the user, and the color temperature is a little bit colder. In addition, in terms of color accuracy, the X50 Pro has a slight deviation. At this point, the performance of Pro+ should be a bit better than its current state.

Although the display of these two phones is an improvement over the previous vivo products, the comprehensive audio-visual experience has been dragged down by the single weak speaker. Not only that, vivo also removed the entire series of 3.5mm headphone jacks this time, but at the same time plugged a CS43131 independent DAC into Pro+.

Fortunately, vivo has prepared a remedy solution. The TWS Neo true wireless earphones launched at the same time as the X50 series provide a pretty good listening experience.

This product based on aptX Adaptive technology can achieve ultra-low latency when paired with vivo mobile phones. In terms of sense of hearing, it performs well in high and intermediate frequencies, and can provide excellent resolution.

Conclusion: vivo X50 Pro is Deserved to be honor as Flag-ship Device

In all honesty, before the product was released, the author did not expect that vivo X50 Pro and Pro+ of the vivo X series this year could bring such a big surprise to the consumers. First of all, in terms of appearance, the ” X-Class Design” is unforgettable, and the thin and light body can just hit the main gimmick points for many people.

In the most prominent part of shooting, the two phones each have their own commendable points. X50 Pro relies on the “plug-in” of the micro-head to unearth the (relatively) small size of CMOS for more shooting potential, and its future development is very promising.

On the other hand, Pro+ relied on the excellent performance of the GN1 sensor and a better shooting experience at all focal lengths.

It is true that if the core advantages of the two sides can be added together, vivo’s camera strength will be even higher. But the existing technology is still unable to balance the picture quality and thickness. If you want to have both in the same product, more research and development by vivo is required.

Best vivo Smartphone 2020

Photography, Refined!

Except for the UI design, neither device has any obvious shortcomings. If you want to ask how vivo X50 Pro performance is, I personally think that ordinary users will be more suitable for X50 Pro.

Its performance and shooting are enough for ordinary people, and the micro-head is topical, and the thin and light body is also the most easily perceived advantage for most people. Pro+ is naturally manufactured for people who pay attention to taking pictures.

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