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With smartphones becoming more advanced and available, the number of people who are getting into mobile gaming is also increasing. However, not all gamers have the same gaming experience as smartphones are built differently in terms of features and performance. Hence, it is best to choose a gaming smartphone to make the most out of every game.

We understand that choosing the best gaming smartphone is not an easy task. But don’t worry, because we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know on how to choose the best gaming smartphone in this practical guide so you can play hassle-free and have the best enjoyment.

What to Look for in Best Gaming Smartphones

1. Size

The smartphone size is important to ensure the gamer’s comfort throughout a long game. It is best to always opt for a phone that is lightweight and easy to handle to avoid straining the wrist and fingers. The screen size should also be big enough to show all the complex details of the game.

The ideal phone size for gaming is between 5 inches to 7 inches depending on preference. The vivo Y76 5G has a 6.58″ size that allows a good grip and shows a bigger display for a more immersive gaming experience.

2. Display

In addition to the screen size, it is necessary to check the quality of the display. Essentially, the higher the resolution, the better the display is. For gaming smartphones, we recommend opting for a smartphone that has at least a 1080p resolution for a high-quality and sharper display of the game graphics.

Smartphones that have a 1080p resolution like the vivo Y76 5G can give the user the best picture quality with vivid colors and clear images. We also suggest going for a smartphone with a display that features an Eye Protection Mode to protect the eyes from the blue light released by smartphones.

3. Refresh rate

The refresh rate is another important factor in choosing the best smartphone for gaming as it plays a significant part in the overall smartphone performance. High refresh rates of 90Hz to 120 Hz allow smoother navigation through different files, websites, and apps.

The gaming experience is also generally more seamless with smartphones that have a high refresh rate. Furthermore, high refresh rates can ease eye tiredness or eyestrain which is commonly a result of prolonged usage of the smartphone. Although the vivo Y76 5G lacks a 90Hz refresh rate, it can still produce approximately 420 nits of brightness that allows every user to see the images clearly and vividly under the sun.

4. RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the memory that stores active apps’ data. The higher the RAM, the faster the responsiveness and transfer of information to other smartphone components are. High RAM is particularly important in gaming because different games require more memory and more advanced integrated graphics systems.

The best gaming smartphone should have at least 6 GB of RAM. Smartphones with higher RAMs such as the vivo Y76 5G with a total of 12 GB RAM can certainly provide every gamer with the most efficient and hassle-free gaming experience.

5. CPU

It is not new knowledge to us that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) functions as the ‘brain’ of every computer and digitals devices like the smartphone. It is responsible for receiving commands through a touch on the screen and sending signals to other device components.

The more powerful the CPU is, the faster the smartphone performance also becomes. Gaming smartphones need at least 1.8GHz and above for great smartphone speeds. The vivo Y76 5G has a 2.2 GHz which is considered one of the fastest mobile processors today making it possible to play all kinds of mobile games smoothly with no delays or lag.

6. GPU

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) handles the overall graphics operations of smartphones. A strong GPU can process animations and graphics in videos, games, and other interactive elements of the smartphone efficiently.

The GPU and CPU are paired together for many devices, which means that if the CPU is of high quality and performance, the GPU is very much likely to have the same quality. The vivo Y76 5G comes with GPU Mali-G57 MC2 which has two cores operating at a frequency of 950 MHz that allows gamers to see the attractive and colorful game graphics.

vivo Y76 5G

While there are many gaming smartphones available nowadays, the vivo Y76 5G has no doubt stood out among other gaming smartphones because of its powerful features that come at a low price.

This smartphone has arguably the best display for midrange gaming smartphones at present. It has a display size of 6.58″ that supports a full HD resolution so players can feel more engaged in the game. The high resolution makes it possible to see a wide color range and high color saturation providing an exceptional visual experience. It also prevents blue light from bothering the eyes with its Eye Protection mode.

Apart from the display, it also has remarkable performance that can certainly help every gamer bag trophies in each game. It has 8 GB RAM with an additional 4 GB extended RAM which provides 12 GB RAM in total. Its CPU with 2.2 GHz is also great for seamless gaming.

Furthermore, this phone features an AI Editor that allows easy editing of every player’s favorite gaming moments. This feature also allows them to upload all captured moments on different online platforms.

The vivo Y76 5G retail price of less than $400 is definitely another highlight. This price is totally worth it given its high specs and performance. Every gamer can now play games with the best experience without breaking the bank.

Join the vivo Movement

Choosing a gaming smartphone can really be challenging especially if it’s your first time purchasing a device with extra processing power. In order to choose the best gaming smartphone, there are things that you need to consider and take note of. First and foremost, prioritize comfort and opt for a smartphone that has an appropriate size and display to prevent any strain on the wrists and eyes.

Next, take note of the refresh rate, RAM, CPU, and GPU of the smartphone. All these components are responsible for the seamless performance of the smartphone during the game. The overall responsiveness and speed of the smartphone highly depend on these features.

We vivo brand is known for delivering high-performing devices at a low price, and the vivo Y76 5G is no exception. The vivo Y76 5G combines all the necessary features for the best gaming experience with its comfortable size and display.

Its processing power is also exceptional. Over and above, this smartphone is retailed at a relatively low price so every gamer can perform their best in every game without having to spend a fortune on one device.

vivo continues to be one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands at present. Our flagship and mid-range devices remain to be sought after in different countries throughout the world. Do not miss out on all the exciting news from vivo.

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