Revolution Night – vivo X50 Series open a new era for Smartphone Photography

vivo X50 Pro Best Smartphone for Photography 2020

We love to Use Smartphone to Record

Record life is human nature, ancient historians write down great history with brush, childhood you and I use film to leave childhood memories. In the age of smartphones, the way people record their lives has become to send a few photos on Facebook,Instagram and Tiktok to send a short video, which also meets the spiritual needs of people to share their feelings.

In an era when people are more and more fond of photography performance on smartphone, the quality of pictures and short videos created by phone is directly bound to the beauty of time memory, and people are increasingly demanding the professionalism of mobile phone photography, in which stable shooting is one of the biggest pain points. 

This also directly promotes the rapid development of external stability devices. Handheld PTZ, which was rarely seen in the past, has become the standard configuration for short video workers

But with the problem, is it really convenient to carry the cloud head? What kind of new experience would it be if the mobile phone had its own anti-shake function? This question, this time vivo X50 series, which is be honor as professional photography flagship mobile phone to us to make the answer.

Best Smartphone For Photography

Photography Redefined: vivo X50 Series

Why is vivo X50 Series different?

For a long time in the past, both manufacturers and consumers have been chasing better performance parameters, but after years of rapid development, when vivo is awareness of smartphone performance is no longer the main selling point. And know the users also understand what kind of phone they really need.

Since the user’s understanding and demand for mobile phones have changed at present, the performance stacking in a simple sense has reached the bottleneck and become meaningless. vivo X50’s release meets the demand for function and actual experience is increasing day by day. 

The X50 Series focus on the existing user groups.  The primary goal of X50 series is no longer to quickly spread the market. In the fierce competition under this stock market game, how to show users products’”Difference” becomes the core to attract users. Exactly, vivo X50 and vivo X50 Pro goal!

Why can we announce that “vivo X50 series are different”? The confidence comes from the product form and function differentiation of vivo X50 series, which are brought by powerful technological innovation. The deeper the innovation, the more can create products with differentiated application, and the more users favor.

vivo makes the X50 series’ gimbal camera in-phone, but not make phone “on-gimbal”. That’s difference and revolution.

Photography Redefined: vivo X50 Series

As an example of mobile phone shooting, consumers’ pursuit of beauty is endless, but today’s mobile phone shooting is becoming more and more an arms race for the number of cameras. But gimbal camera on vivo X50 series gives the latest idea of “we are different “: Others have a cell phone on the top of the gimbal, but it has a gimbal in it.

vivo X50 Make Photography on Mobile phone More Professional

Since the first time in human history, the common camera has been replaced by the mobile phone, the enhancement of the camera function has never stopped. People always search which phone is the best photography smartphone. Especially after entering the era of short video and live broadcast, photo and video has become a new form of entertainment and communication.

According to Quest Mobile research, under the catalysis of the CoVid-19 epidemic, the total use of short video in the first quarter increased by 13.1 billion hours from a year earlier, ranking first among all kinds of App, with an increase of 80%. At the same time, the competition for original video creators is increasing, and the production of high-quality content has become the key to the competition of the platform.

After ten years of iteration, the smartphone’s photo-shooting function is moving from “just playing” to “professional photography equipment”. As an expert in mobile photography, vivo the latest release of the X50 series to rely on their own skills to show the professional gimmick and hit the answer for the question that what is the best smartphone for photography in 2020.

  • The rear 48-million pixel gimbal camera,
  • super-inductive 13 million pixels and 50 mm equivalent focal segment human image lens,
  • 8 million pixels 60 times super zoom latent long focus lens
  • 8 million pixels 120 degrees ultra-wide-angle macro lens

See the top matching lens “weapon library “above. It also supports super night view, night view reverse light portrait, starry sky mode, professional portrait mode ,60 times super zoom, ultra-wide angle, ultra-micro distance and so on.

vivo is Always the Real Supporter of Photography Creation

vivo is Always the Real Supporter of Photography Creation

The image contains the photographer’s present consciousness and is a concentration of emotion and story. Inside the lens is the work, outside the horizon is the world. Image is not only instantaneous reality, but also the self-expression of the photographer and the self-projecting of the viewer.

vivo has always been the technical support behind mobile video creators. Having vivo X50 series, the quality of mobile phone shooting will be “stable “.

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