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Y19 VS Y11 Smartphone

Finding the Right Smartphone: Comparing the vivo Y19 vs vivo Y11

There are many factors to consider when you are looking for a new smartphone. Depending on how you use it, you may be more concerned about speed than camera quality. Budget-conscious shoppers are always concerned about the price. The vivo company has many models on the market with different abilities and features. By reading a compared review for vivo Y19 and vivo Y11, you can help yourself make a smart decision about your next phone.

What are the Pros of the vivo Y19 and vivo Y11?

There are many different smartphone models on the market, and it can be difficult to make a decision. Thankfully, when doing a vivo phone comparison between the vivo Y19 and vivo Y11 it is hard to go wrong. Both phones are dependable units that will give you many of the smartphone features you are looking for.

Clear Touchscreen Display

Although the display screen of the Y19 is slightly larger, both phones feature displays in full HD for videos and gaming. The touchscreen set-up is simple and clear. vivo understands that the screen is a critical component that all other phone functions depend on.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Both the vivo Y19 and vivo Y11 give you the connectivity you need for great user experience. As you would expect from any modern smartphone, these units have both Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. They can also work with Bluetooth devices like wireless earbuds. Both phones have a USB type C port for charging and other hardwired connections. Finally, both the Y19 and Y11 can connect to either 3G or 4G networks for cell service.

Long Battery Life

If your battery runs out to quickly, you will be stuck without the phone at a critical moment. The vivo Y19 and vivo Y11 both run on a 5000mAh rechargeable battery. This battery will get you through a whole day of selfies, gaming and other functions on a single charge. In addition, vivo’s smart power management system keeps background functions from draining the battery.

Funtouch OS

The Funtouch OS determines the user experience for both the Y19 and Y11. Vivo designed this operating system to have a simple, uncluttered display. When you are using the basic apps included with the phone, the important information is drawn to your attention by smart use of contrasting colors and placement. For a unique viewing experience, this operating system has a large collection of lock screen pictures so you see something beautiful every time you open your phone.

The Funtouch OS also includes the Game Box suite of applications. This collection of programs greatly improves your gaming experience. For first-person shooters, the phone will automatically give you visual clues about the distance and direction to opponents. This can be very helpful when you are tracking down an unseen enemy. The Game Assistant app helps you handle calls and notifications while you are in the middle of gameplay. Finally, the Game Countdown app is a simple timer that lets you know when it is time for the next round of your favorite game.

This operating system gives you unique artistic photography abilities. The Funtouch OS uses artificial intelligence to improve night photography giving you clear shots in low light. It also works with the included cameras to take time-lapse pictures.

Which is worthy to buy – Deep vivo Y19 Pro and vivo Y11 Differences Comparison

With all of these included features, you will have an excellent experience with either phone. However, there are some important differences that will help you make your final decision. As you look at the vivo Y19 and vivo Y11, you will note different abilities especially in terms of photography, processing ability and storage.

vivo Y19 and vivo Y11 Cameras Comparison

The vivo Y19 has two 16-megapixel cameras. The one on the front of the phone is primarily for selfies. The Y19 also includes special selfie-oriented programs to improve your pictures. The Pose Master app gives you visual guides to help make certain that your selfie poses are well-framed. The AI Makeup app allows you to apply virtual makeup so you can see different looks and create the most flattering picture.

On the back, Y19 has a suite of three cameras. The primary camera is another 16-megapixel for general photography. The second camera is an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens for taking scenic pictures and capturing cityscapes. A 2-megapixel macro camera completes the set. This lens is for taking close-up pictures. It is great for artistic photography or simply sharing an image of the meal you had for dinner.

With the vivo Y19, the options for great pictures are endless.

vivo Y11 has a more modest selection of cameras. The front camera is an 8-megapixel selfie lens. The lower megapixel number means the camera will be less able to capture fine details. One way that Vivo has addressed this is by including an AI Face Beauty app that can add greater clarity to your selfies. The difference in megapixels may be all right if you generally use selfies for posting on social media sites where the clarity is less important. If you are looking for high-quality pictures for professional projects, you will want a camera with more megapixels.

The Y11 has two rear cameras. The 13-megapixel primary lens will take higher quality pictures than the front camera. Pictures will still have less definition than either of the main cameras on the Y19. The second camera is a 2-megapixel wide-angle lens. Once again, you can take good pictures but with less detail than the Y19.

Processing Speeds between vivo Y19 and vivo Y11

For general use, you may not notice differences in processing speeds. However, anyone who does video chatting or plays high-intensity games knows the problem of lag. The slower your processor, the more likely your phone will not be able to keep up with demanding programs. The vivo Y19 has significantly faster processing speeds than the Y11. The Y19 uses the MediaTek P65 processor matched with 4GB of RAM while the Y11 uses the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 with 3GB of RAM. The result is that the Y19 can have processing speeds of up to 820MHz while the Y11 clocks in around 450MHz. This may not matter much if you are checking your email, but it will make a big difference during an intense gaming session.

Storage differences of vivo Y19 and vivo Y11

Both cameras have a good deal of storage for pictures, videos and other data. However, the Y19 has more storage that comes standard. While the vivo Y11 comes with 32GB of internal storage, the Y19 has four times as much with 128GB. If you love to take videos, you may find that 32GB can fill up before you know it.

Charging Features for vivo Y19 and vivo Y11

Although the two phones have the same battery capacity, the Vivo Y19 has two features that give it an advantage. The Y19 comes equipped with fast-charging technology so you never run low. This phone can also perform reverse charging, allowing you to use some of the phone’s energy to charge another device.

Difference of prices for the two vivo Y devices

With the added features of the vivo Y19, it should be no surprise that it costs significantly more than the vivo Y11. If the price is your main concern, the Y11 is a well-performing phone at a reasonable cost. If the features are more important, you will want to splurge on the vivo Y19.

No matter how to do vivo phone comparison between any models of vivo smartphone. You can get your best choice from the powerful and affordable devices.

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