Introducing enhanced vivo V30 Series for better smartphone experience

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The vivo V30 series is a game-changer, combining professional features with a touch of fun to redefine your smartphone experience. It’s like having a personal assistant, entertainer, and style icon all rolled into one sleek device.
Imagine your device as a piece of art, inspired by the delicate beauty of blossoming flowers or the glistening waters of Southeast Asian islands, with a touch of modern flair that’s sure to turn heads.
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Performance-wise, the vivo V30 Pro features the ultra-flagship MediaTek 8200 chip, offering a significant 150% boost in performance compared to its predecessor. With a score exceeding 1.58 million, it supports extreme image quality for gaming and delivers a console-grade gaming experience.
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On the other hand, the vivo V30 boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 platform, delivering remarkable performance improvements and a balance between high performance and energy efficiency.
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Storage options have been upgraded with the V30 series, offering 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM and 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM variants. This ample storage space allows you to store a vast collection of apps, games, photos, videos, and more without worrying about running out of space.
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Battery life is another highlight of the V30 Series, thanks to the 5000mAh ultra-thin Blue Ocean battery with 80W fast charging support. This combination ensures long-lasting usage and quick recharging times, keeping you powered up throughout your day.
Despite the massive battery, vivo still made the V30 Series thinner and lighter than the V29 Series, measuring only 7.45mm and 185g.
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The V30 Series also introduces the 120Hz sunrise eye protection screen, offering enhanced eye protection with 2800nits ultra-high peak brightness and SGS professional certifications. The V30 Pro boasts the largest VC heat dissipation and strongest communication technology in V Series history, ensuring optimal performance even during intense usage.
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Camera enthusiasts will appreciate the V30 Series‘ studio-grade portrait capabilities, combining optical and computational photography to deliver stunning results. With advanced algorithms and sensors, the V30 Series achieves studio-level image quality, clear details, and beautiful bokeh effects, making every shot a masterpiece.
The vivo V30 Series represents a fusion of artistry and technology, designed to elevate daily experiences. With its innovative features, powerful performance, and exquisite design, the V30 Series leads industry trends and redefines the smartphone experience for Filipino users.

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