Why You Don‘t Need Photography Accessories with vivo X60 Series

Best Camera Phone - vivo X60

A ZEISS-branded camera system smartphone functions just as reliable as an independent, high-quality camera.

vivo recently unveiled its vivo X60 gadget on 22 March 2021. With its strategic collaboration with the giant tech ZEISS, vivo is continuously planning to create a range of devices that match and exceed the market’s demand for superb cameras integrated into smartphones.

ZEISS-branded camera system Smartphone vivo X60

ZEISS and vivo Professional Cooperation

ZEISS is a leading optics manufacturer dealing in the supplying of high-grade camera systems for professional photography. On the other hand, vivo, the smartphone manufacturer, is a major target in the professional smartphone photography market.

The ZEISS-vivo collaboration has positioned the X60 Series as “professional photography flagship smartphones.” Essentially, this cooperation makes the X60 the flagship professional photography without accessories in the tech market.

vivo & zeiss partnership

As a leading Chinese brand, vivo has been making many headlines and innovations in mobile photography tech across Asian countries and other regions.

The vivo X60 series is the first flagship series to incorporate the ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging System. The system brings with it robust ZEISS imaging quality. Moreover, it makes the vivo X60’s photography more robust while adding the signature ZEISS look to your images.

This collaboration between two tech giants translates to a massive shift in customer preferences when purchasing a photography smartphone. With the ZEISS-branded X60 series, there is no need for photography enthusiasts to have separate photography accessories.

3 Hardcore Tech in vivo X60 Let You Get Rid of Photography Accessories for Phone

ZEISS and vivo have implemented thousands of hours researching and developing these components to introduce the flagship professional photography smartphone without photography accessories.

The vivo X60 and X60 Pro feature three rare hardcore tech that ensures the first flagship smartphone photo does not rely on photography equipment. These three techs include:

  • ZEISS optical imaging technology
  • Gimbal Camera
  • Diverse Multi-modal mobile photography

ZEISS Optical Imaging Tech

The vivo X60 and X60 Pro are the flagship smartphone series to incorporate ZEISS’ tech features in and out wholly.

You will notice the ZEISS logo embedded in the Smartphone’s camera lens. You will also see the ZEISS Vario-Tessar trademark engraved next to the Smartphone’s camera flashlight.

ZEISS Optical Imaging Tech

The two tech giants conducted thousands of hours of research on consumer behaviors to determine the optical design scheme and camera structure that will potentially suit the user demands. As a result, they resorted to using the Vario-Tessar imaging style perfect for focal length and aperture optimization and adapted it for the X60’s imaging system.

The vivo X60 series is also the flagship device to feature the impressive ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style. This ZEISS-powered smartphone camera mode enables users to access customized professional photography with the unique ability to render center sharpness, harmonious bokeh, and rare definition.

feature the impressive ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style

One of the other visible qualities of the vivo X60 series achieved from the collaboration with ZEISS includes the ZEISS T* Coating for Enhanced Light Transmission. It a nano-coating over the lens designed and designed and improved by ZEISS over the years. The T* coating reduces reflections and enhances light transmission. As such, it allows for the effective avoiding of stray light, ghosting, and different aberration or artifacts. The result is an overall improvement of the image quality, clarity, and sharpness.

Gimbal Camera

vivo invented the original Gimbal Stabilization and used it in the first X50 series,which are the professional photography smartphone in Philippines. It developed a gimbal-based three-axis tech that stabilized the entire sensor and optics module. This allows for more freedom of movement and refined still image and video stabilization.

The vivo X60 Pro and X60 Pro+ flagships feature the all-improved next-generation Gimbal stabilization 2.0. These phone series use the latest VIS 5-axis video stabilization tech.

The X60 Pro+ features another Ultra-Wide Gimbal Camera designed to increase stabilization. You can use this Ultra-wide gimbal camera feature to achieve perfectly accurate clear shots of objects in dynamic motion.

professional photography smartphone

The Gimbal camera tech dramatically eliminates the need for external gimbals, especially for videographers.

Diverse Multi-modal Mobile Photography

The vivo X60 and X60 Pro boast an impressive collection of diverse photography features uncommon in other leading smartphones. These features are greatly complemented by the camera ZEISS Vario-Tessar imaging capabilities. This cooperation has led to a multifaceted imaging experience for smartphone users.

Diverse Multi-modal Mobile Photography

The vivo X60 series features the Extreme Night Vision 2.0 and Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 features. These features help users to capture crisp photos and videos in dark environments or while in motion.

vivo has immensely improved the multi-modal features present in the predecessor X50 series to match the latest camera tech in the X60 series. The X60 series has different modes that make it one of the most impressive camera smartphones released in 2021. These multi-camera modes include;

  • Flash portrait flash mode
  • Pro Sport Mode
  • Super Pano
  • Ultra-Wide Night Mode
  • HDR Super Night Portrait
  • Kid’s Snapshot

Brand Impact-vivo X60 will come to Philippine Soon

Just a day after vivo announced the X60’s release date in China, the company’s local branch teased the vivo X60 lineup’s arrival in the Philippines. The X60 has not yet hit the Philippines market. According to an online post by vivo Philippines, the vivo X60 is “coming soon.”

The information does not entirely mention particular models. However, its timing, the mention of the ZEISS branding, and the phone’s camera module featured in the teaser image all point to the imminent launch of vivo’s latest device, the X60.

Tech experts anticipate an official release later at the beginning of the third quarter of 2021 in the Philippines. The vivo X60 series is supposed to be the best professional photography smartphone in the Philippines 2021 has introduced. Therefore, most photography enthusiasts are eagerly waiting and keeping up with the latest news from vivo Philippines.

Final Thoughts

vivo smartphones carry flagship specs and amazing camera performance, evident in their previous models. However, the X60 series is the latest device to hit the market and surprise users due to improved camera performance. vivo has collaborated with ZEISS, the world’s leading optic manufacturer, to produce the industry’s flagship professional photography smartphone without photography accessories.

The vivo X60 is the first ZEISS-branded camera system smartphone with cutting-edge camera tech and specs for ultimate performance.

We have taken the liberty of studying every flagship phone with rare features and are bound to revolutionize the smartphone industry. Fortunately, the vivo X60 is our latest sensation, with superb camera features courtesy of vivo’s collaboration with ZEISS. Talk to us to find out more about the vivo X60 series. Also, keep in touch with us to find out the vivo X60 release date in the Philippines as soon as it is announced.

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