Budget-Friendly vivo Smartphones as Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

Budget-Friendly vivo Smartphones

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The season of giving is here and, since we’re entering the digital era, among the most rewarding 2022 holiday gift ideas we can come up with, a digital gadget may well be the best present you can give to a techy loved one!

You don’t have to put your house on mortgage, either. Many budget-tier devices on the market are endowed with enough eye candy and power to get them through the day and to keep them happy.

Would you like to find out which gadgets to buy? Then keep reading!

How to Choose the Best Digital Gadget Gift

These are some aspects you should consider:

1. How Will It Be Useful?

Does it have the necessary requirements to run the most basic applications or programs? To illustrate, a 1 GB device is simply not enough nowadays to perform most everyday tasks.

2. How Functional Is It for Their Current Lifestyle?

Are they gamers or power users? Look into processing power and graphics capacity. Do they only use the gadget to browse or create social media content? Ample RAM and storage capacity should be enough.

3. Do They Already Have It?

Find out what gadget they’re using and whether the one you’re giving has extra features they would love.

4. How Much Is Your Budget?

Are you willing to pay for that specific device? In any case, you should be able to choose, from an array of similar devices, the most affordable one.

Budget-Friendly Holiday vivo Device Ideas for Gadget Lovers

When you think of gifts for gadget lovers, smartphones are probably the first ones that cross your mind. It’s not a strange phenomenon by any means. Smartphones are virtually the most versatile portable devices in the modern era.

Think of all the actions that you can perform on a smartphone, to wit: Call and receive calls and messages, browse the web, listen to music, read books, check on social media, play games (close to console-quality in some cases), check your heart rate, and even open doors!

However, constant or permanent exposure to digital devices has been shown to lead to various psychological problems such as stress, sleep disruption, disbalance of work/life, and/or low self-esteem.

With that said, before delving into some vivo smartphones to buy for your loved ones, it’s a good idea to propose to them a period of “smartphone detox”. This can be done through various methods that don’t necessarily involve drastic measures.

“Touching grass” or performing some physical chores or actions that require concentration (such as reading physical books or sewing) can help set some limits to smartphone usage.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a brief look at some suitable gadgets you can buy as gifts:

If you want to buy a budget-friendly vivo smartphone, you should check out the ones from our Y series. vivo Y smartphones are designed to offer optimal performance and an immersive user experience for prices that won’t have you breaking the bank.

Here is a showdown of some of the latest vivo Y smartphones:

The vivo Y76s 5G released in December of 2021, is currently one of the most affordable vivo 5G smartphone offerings from the Y series, hovering around the nice price.

It features a 6.58″ IPS LCD with an HD+ resolution with thin bezels and a moderately decent 4100mAH battery that can provide fuel for 1 day of usage.

This can be a great gift for the youngest of the family or those who are not too concerned about the speed, game experience, or highly-detailed photos.

Launched in August of 2021, the vivo Y33s comes at a heftier price of  in the Philippines. and sports a very lightweight ultra-slim body design.

It includes a 6.58″ LCD waterdrop notch display with a 1080p display, a MediaTek Helio G80 octa-core processor with an AMR Mali-G52 GPU. 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM (both expandable), and a powerful camera setup in both rear and front.

vivo Y33s

This one is marketed for those who enjoy playing resource-heavy games such as Genshin Impact, appreciate a decent camera for selfies, and love the extra sharpness for reading and watching videos.

Released on November, 2021, it’s the first smartphone powered by a 4G ram processor. Its selling price is the processor makes your user experience seamless with 4GB, we also have 1GB of idle ROM space that can be used as extended RAM to make switching between apps even smoother.

This phone can be enjoyed by people who want to play games smoothly and for longer periods. However, those who crave sharp displays or nitid photos will likely be disappointed.

Family, friends, and lovers will appreciate some wireless earbuds for workout routines, chores, or simply relaxing sessions after a hard day at work.

The vivo TWS Neo wireless earbuds (which launched alongside the vivo X50 Pro smartphone) may be a suitable gift, either to complement the smartphone you bought or even as a standalone. Its superb 14.2mm driver unit, supported by a bio-fiber composite diaphragm ensures a very good response at high frequencies, while the pure copper voice coil guarantees vibrant lower frequencies, enough for enjoying rock and roll music, live concerts, and podcasts.


Hopefully, we’ve been able to walk you through the different tech gifts you can give to that special someone without much expenditure, including the latest budget-friendly members of the vivo smartphone family that we mentioned and the impressive TWS Neo earbuds to seal the deal!

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