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The 5 Essential Features for Gaming Smartphone

5 Essential Features to Look for Gaming Smartphone

Currently the world of video games has gone far beyond the table consoles, coming to develop really incredible games to be run from our smartphones and offer hours of free …

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vivo Y11 powfui performance with low price

Budget Under ₱8000? vivo Y11 is Your Best Choice

Smartphones have already become a necessity for our daily lives. It’s like having a powerful computer in your pocket. That’s why many people prefer to have it with them all …

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vivo V20 Review

Best Match for Performance and Price – vivo V20 Review

Mid-Range Smartphone is Exactly the Worthiest in the Philippines Although smartphones are necessities, you don’t have to spend a lot to get one. If you don’t have enough cash, there …

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vivo affordable smartphones prices

Top 5 Recommended vivo Phones in Philippines 2021

It’s the thought that counts: Affordable Phones as a Gift for the Holidays Choosing the perfect gift for the Holidays is always a hard task and with the season closing …

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vivo's New Origin OS

Hello! Here is vivo Origin OS

We Have a New Look – Origin OS is Coming! The team at vivo has always strived to make the Android experience better for users. That is why we are …

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How to Take Better Christmas Photos on Smartphone Banner

How to Take Better Christmas Photos on Smartphone

Making memories is what we essentially do as we go through life. These memories are forever-captured in photographs. Holidays, on the other hand, are all about spending quality time with …

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What Can You Do on a 5000 mAh Battery Smartphone

vivo Smartphone Battery Tips

Well, with a vivo high-capacity battery smartphone, you can take countless photos and videos, handle work-related tasks, play games, and make calls for hours on end. You’ll hardly ever have …

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Holiday Shopping Season 2020 vivo phones

Holiday Shopping Season 2020 – Best vivo Phones

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to plan your shopping list for the 2020 shopping season. Smartphones are always a popular gift choice, and vivo has …

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professional photography mobile phone

vivo X50 series Secrets

vivo has made its mark for the most innovative, advanced photography features available on any smartphone. The vivo X50 series highlight photography features include professional quality gimbal systems and multi-camera …

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Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020 – vivo Smartphones

Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family, celebrate each other and be grateful for what we have. If your gift ideas of Christmas 2020 include sharing gifts, …

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