vivo introduces flagship midrange smartphone, the vivo V25 Series: Night Portrait Game Changer

vivo V25 is coming! We bet you’re looking forward to it too! In addition to having excellent imaging capabilities of the vivo Professional Portrait Image, the vivo V25 series also has excellent design and performance.

Wonderful straight-screen design

Compared to previous products, the vivo V25 uses the popular straight-screen design of this year. The frame part used a metal frame of aviation class standard, and it shows an arc edge transition at the junction of the front and the back. Almost no hand cutting problem exists! It is strong and durable while maintaining a light feeling, making it ideal for those who like the straight-screen design.

Light and easy

In terms of thickness, the vivo V25 is only 7.79mm thick and the body weight is less than 200g (186 grams). It is easy to carry and use. It allows you to play games without being affected by the weight of the phone.

Splendid Sunrise Gold color

The back of the vivo V25 features an updated Fluorite AG and water ripple design. The Sunrise Gold color in the picture. The color changes from deep to shallow with the angle with the help of the double-layer coating process. It is absolutely beautiful.
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