Better Technology Impacts Our Happiness

vivo always uses technology to bring consumers better products and smarter user experiences. They pay more attention to breakthroughs in product research and technology development, and constantly innovate to pursue the ultimate quality.

In the face of the price war, which seems favorable in the short term and challenging in the long term, vivo emphasizes resisting the allure of high profit and staying calm.

When vivo is doing research to analyze users’ insights, they will put the users’ needs into specific scenes, and design products that satisfy consumers. Take weekend sports and parent-child scenes as an example, vivo will further separate, and distinguish: do they like outdoor sports or indoor sports? In that case, they can provide products that are more relatable to consumer needs.

The purpose of vivo’s product design goes beyond being user-oriented. They also prioritize considering different scenarios that can significantly impact the sense of well-being and happiness. With this philosophy, vivo will surely bring more and better products to every consumer.

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