vivo V21: How can users’ productivity benefit from a bigger RAM storage

vivo V21 Extended Ram Storage

Enjoy 11GB worth of storage with the vivo V21 series’ extended 8GB + 3GB RAM

  • RAM serves as a digital pocket that stores data as the smartphone runs multiple apps.
  • vivo extends its 8GB RAM with an additional 3GB virtual memory — allowing for a total performance of 11GB RAM
  • The vivo V21 series makes a great option for people who constantly multitask.
Enjoy 11GB worth of storage with the vivo V21 series

A faster and lag-free user experience is possible with the vivo V21’s built-in 8GB RAM, and additional 3GB virtual memory. You can learn more about vivo V21 5G and vivo V21e

Manila, Philippines, July 7, 2021: Global smartphone brand vivo brought to the market its flagship product, the V21 series, which incorporates virtual RAM in its technology. While “RAM” is a term often used by people who are no strangers to tech, for starters, it might be another jargon that needs a little bit of interpretation.

First, its meaning. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It’s a temporary storage that stores data when applications are running — making a smartphone work faster. Think of it as your dining area. The larger the table is, the bigger space you have to accommodate more people. So, the more RAM a smartphone has, the larger the capacity it leaves for programs to run in the background, even if the user is logged in to multiple apps.

The vivo V21 has a built-in 8GB RAM. But to give users a faster browsing experience, vivo also integrates the extended virtual 3GB RAM. This means that it can readily “borrow” an additional 3GB of virtual memory space from its internal storage. Thus, with the built-in and virtual memory combined, the vivo V21 smartphones can act as if they were running on 11GB of RAM.

With this kind of feature included in the vivo flagship phone, users can have a lag-free experience as they play video games, music, access social media and productivity apps, all at once. The vivo V21 series makes a perfect choice for anyone who lives a fast-paced digital lifestyle.

Aside from its incredible memory space, the vivo V21 5G also boasts of running on the MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G Processor. This drives the smartphone to power its imaging accelerators, integrated AI processing unit, and deliver a smooth 5G experience to its user.

The vivo V21e, on the other hand, runs on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G. This 8-core chipset fully backs up the phone’s advanced camera features, AMOLED graphics display, and power-efficient performance.

vivo also offers the latest camera technologies in its V21 series. Its front camera holds a 44MP resolution, while its rear camera has a 64MP display. The V21 5G makes use of an Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS). This feature lets the smartphone photographer capture images with a longer shutter speed, allowing the lens to absorb more light so photos can always come out bright. Meanwhile, the V21e uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). This technology in a smartphone’s camera improves shaky videos by maintaining a consistent focus between multiple moving pictures.

These features packed inside vivo’s thinnest smartphone yet (7.29mm and 176g light), make it one of the brand’s products that offer the best value-for-money.

The vivo V21 series is available in all vivo kiosks and stores, as well as its official Lazada and Shopee stores. It comes at a standard retail price of PHP 23,999 for the V21 5G and PHP16,999 for the V21e.

Additional details on the vivo V21 series can be found on vivo’s Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. For vivo V21 5G, you also check out For vivo V21e, please visit

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