The vivo V27e Design Story: Sleek Build, New Colors and Elegant Finish

vivo v27e Lavender Purple

One design philosophy, thousand possibilities-this is the principle that the V series swears by. The vivo V27e, in particular, captures and pays tribute to the vibrant colors of nature. The phone has a beautiful design flow which gives it a dynamic, artistic, simple, and elegant look. Each color offers a different visual experience.

The Lavender Purple edition uses the nano-scale photoetching technique and features a glowing peacock feather pattern, and gives itself a majestic, eye-catching look. The phone has been carefully designed to exude an airy, lively, and elegant feel.

The Glory Black edition, on the other hand,  features a silky, glittery pattern which has a sense of glamour and refined luxury. With this design, the phone becomes a status symbol and the ultimate example of prestige, providing users with a visual treat.  

The V27e also uses a Fluorite AG glass, with dual film and dual plating technology to give the back of the phone an unpredictable color, showing very different back colors and textures in different light and angles. The vivo V27e includes a sea of purple flowers on the back of the phone, and the layered purple color presents a restrained elegance that is impressive.

vivo constantly strives to improve the visual experience for its users. V27e has a 6.62 2.5D screen which provides a more immersive and engaging visual experience with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and ultra-high brightness and contrast. The 2.5D screen offers rich details, giving users a cinema-like immersive visual world. The 120 Hz Sunlight AMOLED Display also features self-developed ambient light sensors combined with luminescent materials which intelligently adjust the screen’s brightness and deliver vivid authentic colors, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality visual experience.

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