vivo brings splash of nature inspired design with vivo V27 5G Series

vivo v27 series apperance photog

vivo is undeniably one of the leading smartphones when it comes to design. This time around, vivo is introducing a new color variant that best shows the fusion of art and technology at the center of the smartphone.

The V Series pioneered and is also well-known for its color-changing design, thanks to the Photochromic 2.0 technology. With V27 Series, vivo retains this photochromic appearance but this time with the introduction of the new Emerald Green colorway. This new colorway is very sophisticated and makes you feel like you are one with nature, both visually and in the way it glides smoothly in your hands. The V27 is more sensitive and reactive to light, which makes the color-changing process faster than its predecessor.

The new Emerald Green color scheme of the vivo V27 shows the two shades of green full of vitality and hope in spring. With jade glass and improved photochromic technology 2.0, it is introverted without losing its shine. Not to lose its transparent appearance and touch, the vivo V27 has 14 layers of nano-coating to make the glass back cover more translucent.

Prior to being exposed to direct sunlight/UV, the vivo v27 presents a low saturation color between white and light lime green, which can emit a delicate and moist feeling, in line with the public’s ideal perception of jade. A closer look also reveals the natural texture of jade in the glass, showing the warmth and detail of jade, just like the tender shoots and grass in spring.

Once color changing feature works, consumers will see that the back of the body can absorb UV rays and blue light in sunlight. The back cover of vivo V27 gradually shifts from light green and white jade to dark green jasper. It now represents jade’s calm and introspective nature, just like the majestic green mountains and lakes.

Furthermore, the vivo V27 brings users the strong and vibrant feeling of early spring through the photochromic process and the powerful sense of spring!

Tips: Users can also get creative with the back cover to show their fashion and personality. Create your favorite pattern on the back cover by covering part of it and then shining it with UV light or sunlight.

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