What is Aura Portrait Photography?

vivo v27 series aura photography

Are you fascinated by the ethereal, psychedelic colors emanating from the photos?

This is aura photography. In the 1970s, Guy Coggins invented the camera to capture the essence of our energy and what we send into the world, resulting in aura photography.

Eileen Lee, founder of Detroit-based photography project AURA – AURA said that aura photography is a way of photographing that illuminates the energy emanating from human beings, visualizing the sensations on the energy level, and can also be regarded as photographing the “human atmosphere.”

This time, the latest vivo V27 series adopts an aura light portrait algorithm, in both the front and rear lenses of the handset, which integrates dynamic light control, a nano-level aura process, and a super-sensitive portrait system to bring natural and realistic, near studio-level portrait fill light.

In particular, the nano-level aura process guarantees soft light and effectively circumvents skin shine. Dynamic precision light control, which realizes light following the environment and ensures natural and suitable brightness.

The portrait custom light field allows the fill light to focus more on the portrait. Super high color rendering index, making skin tone more natural and vivid. This feature also illuminates dark details and brings nearly 30% clarity improvement.

Considering all aspects of aura portraits, the vivo V27 series Aura Portrait Image System is fully upgraded with 50MP HD vlogging camera and EIS+ OIS dual-ultra stabilization as standard. These improvements make V27 support for front autofocus and the integration of many innovative image technologies, making portrait photography a simple and beautiful experience, significantly improving the film rate, and making every photo a blockbuster.

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