Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart



Don’t worry, it’s normal in these situations:

1. The lock screen you apply is not Magazine. You can go to i Theme>Local>Local lock screen to check if it is being used;

2. The current Wallpaper is locked. If the current wallpaper is locked, the wallpapers from Magazine will not be changed every time you turn on the screen. You can enter the lock screen interface>tap on the wallpaper and slide leftward> >touch 3 dots icon at the upper right corner, then click the Lock icon to unlock it.

Go to i Theme>Theme>Wallpaper>Live wallpaper, then you can download and set the live wallpaper.

Currently, the background of Messages cannot be changed. But you can try to apply Global themes in i Theme. Some Global themes will change the background of Messages.

Go to i Theme>Local(Mix-match)>Local wallpapers>select the wallpapers you download, then you can touch Delete to delete it.

Currently, the live wallpapers in i Theme>Local>Local wallpaper cannot be set as the lock screen wallpaper. We recommend you download & install the third-party Lock screen apps for a try.

Go to i Theme>Local>Local wallpaper>Albums(For some phones, go to i Theme>Mix-match>Static wallpaper>Albums), then you can set the customized pictures as wallpapers.

The background of Settings cannot be changed. However, you can apply the Global themes in i Theme to experience different background styles of Settings.

After reboot, the data saved in Phone storage will be read first. If the wallpaper is saved in your SD card, please move it to phone storage, then check again. If the issue still exists, please feel free to contact us.

Currently, the background of Notification panel cannot be changed. We recommend you apply the Global themes in i Theme for a try.

For i Theme with 5.1 and higher version, you can go to i Theme>Theme>Wallpaper to download nice HD wallpapers. For other versions, we recommend you download & install the third-party apps such as Wallpapers to download rich HD wallpapers.

The head sculpture of the contact is the call background by default. You can go to Contacts>click the number or contact you want to edit on your phone>click the head sculpture>select the photo from Albums to set the head sculpture. When his or her call comes, the picture will become the background.

Currently, our phones do not support this feature.

1. Download or select a picture whose width is larger than its length;

2. Set it as the Desktop wallpaper. Select icon in the edit interface;

Go to i Theme>Local(Mix-match)>touch the Settings icon at the upper right corner, turn off Circular sliding screen. Then have a try.

1. Download or select a picture(wallpaper);

2.Set it as the Desktop wallpaper. Select icon in the edit interface. Then have a try.

We are happy you love these pictures. However, due to the copyright limitation, the pictures from Magazine cannot be saved. Hope for your understanding.

For Funtouch OS 4.0 and higher version:

1. Go to i Theme>Local>Local lock screen, choose Magazine;

2. Go to Settings>Lock screen, home screen, and wallpaper>Lockscreen Poster>Wallpapers being used>touch the wallpaper you like>tap on Like to collect it.

For Funtouch OS 3.2 and lower version:

1. Go to i Theme>Local>Local lock screen, choose Magazine;

Enter the lock screen interface>switch to the wallpaper you love>tap the screen and slide downward, then you can click “Like” to collect it.