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VoLTE & iRoaming


Data roaming is using the Internet on your phone when you’re abroad, whether it’s browsing the web or sending an email. Smart phones are permanently connected to the Internet so you could use data without realizing it. However, it is pricey, we suggest you turn it off when you`re abroad.

1. Go to Settings>(Dual cards and) Mobile network, click iRoaming to download & install this app;

2. Enter iRoaming, select and purchase the data network service you need before going abroad;

3. After going abroad, go to iRoaming>Order, touch Activate to activate the data network service you purchase. Then you can use the data network to surf the Internet.

Warmly Tips: Please try to activate the data network you purchase within one month, or it will expire.

You can go to Settings>(Dual cards and) Mobile network to turn on VoLTE HD Call.

Warmly Tips: For some phones, VoLTE is enabled by default or can be found in Settings>Phone.

Go to Settings>(Dual cards and) Mobile network>iRoaming>Service>Hot Regions>touch See All, select the country or region you are going to, then choose the most appropriate Data Package. Touch Buy to purchase it.

iRoaming is a virtual SIM service that allows you to use the local data network without having to purchase a local SIM card when traveling abroad for a short period of time. Before going abroad, first purchase the overseas data network service through iRoaming, then activate it after going abroad.

Please don`t worry, perform these steps as below for a try:

1. Make sure your SIM card and phone support VoLTE;

2. Insert your SIM card to another phone which supports VoLTE to check if there is the same issue. If yes, we recommend you ask your carrier whether VoLTE network is covered where you live;

3. Insert another SIM card from the same carrier into your phone to check if there is the same issue. If not, we recommend you change an SIM card;

4. Upgrade your phone to the latest version;

5. Go to Settings>(Dual SIM cards and )Mobile network>APN>Reset to default;

6. Access to Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Restore(Reset) all settings. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please feel free to contact us or seek help from our service center.

If you use two SIM cards, the additional SIM card will be disabled when activating iRoaming.

If you use only one SIM card, your SIM card won`t be disabled when activating iRoaming.

Vivo phones with Android O and higher version support VoLTE of China Mobile and China Telecom.

Currently, iRoaming is only supported on the phones sold in some countries and regions such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and HK. If you desire this feature, please give us a feedback.

Warmly Tips: Some old phones might not support it.

Currently, iRoaming only supports Credit Card Payment.

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE and it’s more or less exactly what it says on the tin. It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections. In a short, you can still surf the Internet when you are making a call. You can refer to the link below to know more details about it. Link:

iRoaming supports the data network service of about 70 countries and regions. You can go to Settings>(Dual cards and) Mobile network>iRoaming>Service>Hot Regions>touch See All to get the detailed information. If the country or region you are going to is excluded, please give us a feedback.

Jio SIM card can only support VOLTE network. For the phones such as X21, Y83 which support Dual 4G/VoLTE network type, it can be set as the additional card. But it must be set as the Data card if the phone does not Dual 4G/VoLTE.

HD means High-definition.When HD Voice is enabled, your phone can access to the latest Advanced Calling features, which is called Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology.

Our some phones support VoWi-Fi. You can go to Settings>(Dual cards and)Mobile network to turn on VoWi-Fi. Then you can make a VoWi-Fi call.

Warmly Tips: Make sure your SIM card supports VoWi-Fi and the VoWi-Fi is supported by our phones and it is covered where you live.