Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart


Due to the limitation of the hardware, the intensity of vibration cannot be adjusted.

Please don`t worry, here are some helpful methods for you:

1. Go to Settings>Sound and vibration(Sound/Volume), check Vibration is turned on or off;

2. Reboot your phone, then check again;

3. If it happens only to some app, we recommend you remove it, then install it again;

4. Update your phone to the latest version;

5. Enter Settings>More settings>Backup & reset>Restore(Reset) all settings. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please seek help from our service center.

Please don`t worry, it is normal that some of our phones support to vibrate when powered on or off. This feature cannot be turned off.

You can go to Settings>Sound and vibration(Volume/Sounds) to turn on/off the Vibrate switch.

Calculator is in mute mode by default. You can go to Settings>Sound and vibration(Volume/Sounds) to turn on Touch sound. Then there will be touch sound while using Calculator.