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V11 & V11i

V11/V11i is not waterproof. Please keep your phone away from water.

We regret to tell you that V11 does not support LDAC.

Thanks for showing interest in V11 and V11i. They are different in some specifications and features. Details are below:


 Size: The screen size of V11 is 6.41 inch. The screen size of V11i is 6.3 inch.

 Screen material: V11 is equipped with AMOLED screen. V11i is equipped with IPS screen.

 Fingerprint: V11 supports In-Display Fingerprint Scanning. V11i supports Rear Fingerprint.

 Face Access: V11 supports Infrared Face Access. V11i does not support Infrared Face Access.

 Processor: V11 is powerwed by Snapdragon 660AIE. V11i is powered by MTK P60.

 Camera: V11 uses 25MP font camera and 12MP(24 Sensitivity units)+5MP dual rear camera. V11i uses 25MP front camera and 16MP+5MP dual rear camera.

 Battery: V11 has a 3400mAh battery. V11i has a 3315mAh battery.

 Bluetooth: V11 supports Bluetooth 5.0. V11i supports Bluetooth 4.2.


 Always on Display: V11 supports Always on Display. V11i does not support it.

 Face beauty for video call: V11 supports Face beauty for video call. V11i does not support it.

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V11/V11i does not support OIS.

Yeah. V11i(V11) supports LDAC.

V11/V11i supports OTG. You can go to Settings>OTG to turn it on.

V11/V11i supports Quick Charging. We highly recommend you use the original charger and USB cable.

Yeah. V11/V11i supports DLNA. You can go to Settings>Smart Mirroring>click the Settings icon at the upper right corner to turn it on.

V11(V11 Pro/V11i) supports Pocket Karaoke. (HyperlinkHead to the tutorial)

V11/V11i is equipped with the Halo screen. It does not have Indicator. However, it supports Flashlight Notifications. You can go to Settings>More settings>Flashlight Notifications to turn it on. The light will flash for the incoming calls, messages and event alerts when the screen is off.

V11/V11i supports 4G+.

V11/V11i supports Time & Model(vivo) Watermark for rear and front camera.

Yeah. It is equipped with the earphone.

V11/V11i does not support Hi-Fi. However, it supports DeepField Audio. You can turn it on in i Music.

We are sorry V11/V11i does not support NFC.

V11/V11i does not support IR Remote Control. If your Smart device can be controlled by Wi-Fi, you can download & install the special app to control it remotely.

Warmly Tips: Make sure your phone and smart device connect to the same Wi-Fi.

Yeah. It supports Smart Launcher. Go to Settings>Lock screen, home screen, and wallpaper>Home screen settings, turn on Smart Launcher. Then you can go back to the far left page of Home page to experience it.

It is equipped with eMMC ROM .

V11/V11i supports Dual 4G/VoLTE.

We are happy to tell you that V11/V11i supports Apt-X.

Yeah. It supports Google Lens. Go to Camera, and you will find and enable Google Lens.

V11 is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3/New Schott Glass. New Schott Glass performs very well in terms of strength and thickness. You can use your phone with confidence.

You can post the tempered glass protective film on your phone. However, for the phones V11 with In-Display Fingerprint Scanning, we highly recommend you use the original protective film for better experience.

V11/V11i does not support EIS.

Yeah. It supports Smart wake. You can go to Settings>Smart motion>Smart wake to experience this feature.

The output power of the Charger is 9V/2A, 18W.

Yeah. It supports App Clone. You can go to Settings>App clone to turn on the App clone switch of the apps.

The back cover of V11/V11i uses the new technology, Color Gradient. It displays different colors from different angles, bringing a new experience.

Yeah. V11 supports Bluetooth 5.0.

V11/V11i supports Video calling for Jio and will support Video calling for Vodafone, Idea, Airtel in the future.

V11 supports to record 4k videos. Go to Camera>select Videos mode>touch 720p or 1080p at the topper right corner>select 4k, then you can record a 4k video.

Yeah. It is equipped with the Protective Case. You can find it in the phone box.

Yeah. It supports Dual Wi-Fi.

It is equipped with LPDDR4X RAM .

Yeah. It supports Double click to light. You can go to Settings>Smart motion>Smart turn on /off screen to turn it on.

V11/V11i supports Alipay Fingerprint Payment and V11/V11i sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong also supports Wechat Fingerprint Payment. You can go to Settings>Fingerprint, face and password>Fingerprint>Payment to enable it.

V11/V11i does not support 2x optical zoom. But it supports 10x digital zoom.

V11/V11i uses Triple SIM Slot which supports two Nano SIM cards and one SD card up to 256GB.

V11/V11i supports Dual MIC noise cancellation.

Yeah. It supports Always on Display. You can go to Settings>Lock screen, home screen, and wallpaper>Always on Display to turn it on.

V11/V11i supports AI Scene Recognition. Go to Camera>touch Settings icon at the upper right corner, tap on AI Scene Recognition to turn it on.

Yeah. It supports Easy Touch. You can go to Settings>More settings>Easy Touch to turn it on. And you can customize the menu and set its idle visibility.

We are glad to tell you that V11/V11i supports AI Face Beauty.

Yeah. It supports Jovi Smart Scene. Go to Settings>Jovi>Smart Scene, turn on Smart Scene. Then scroll down, turn on Notification reminder to enable Jovi Smart Scene.

Yeah. It supports Infrared Face Access. In low brightness or at night, Face Access can still work.

We are glad to tell you that It has FM Radio.

Currently, there is no specific information about the glass material of V11i. But please be assured that it has undergone rigorous testing before delivery and performs very well in terms of strength and thickness. You can use it with confidence.

Yeah. It supports Facebeauty while recording videos. Go to Camera>enter Videos mode, click the icon in the right bottom corner to activate Face Beauty.

We are glad to tell you that it supports “use Face for Privacy and app encryption”. You can go to Settings>Fingerprint, face and password>Face to turn it on.

V11/V11i does not support AI Filter.

V11(V11 Pro/V11i) supports AI Portrait Framing. You can enter Camera>touch Settings icon at the upper right corner, then you can touch AI Portrait Framing to turn it on.

It does not support Always on Display, but supports Black screen glance. You can go to Settings>Smart motion>Air operation to turn it on.

Yeah. It supports Motorbike mode. You can go to Settings>Motorbike Mode to turn it on.

We are sorry V11i does not support Face beauty for video call.

Yeah. V11 supports Wi-Fi Mirroring(Wi-Fi Display). You can go to Settings>Wi-Fi Mirroring(Wi-Fi Display) to turn it on.

Yeah. It supports Face beauty for video call. (HyperlinkHead to the tutorial)

V11i supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Yeah. It supports Face Access, but does not Infrared Face Access.