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Phone issues


Currently, Vivo phones sold in Chinese Mainland and India support this feature. t is enabled by default and cannot be turned off. If you desire this feature, please give us a feedback.

You can go to File Manager>All files(Phone storage)>Record to find the recording files.

Currently, our phones don’t support to show the carrier information in the call interface.

If the Light sensor near Earpiece is blocked(You can find its detailed location in Settings>More settings>Manual>Overview and Quick start guide>Introduction to phone exterior), the phone will get dimmed to avoid accidental operation. You can remove the protective film or dirt to check if it works.

If the issue still exists, please follow these steps for a try:

1. Reboot your phone, then try again;

2. Upgrade your phone to the latest version;

3. Access Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Restore(Reset) all settings. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please seek help from our service center.

You can go to Settings>Phone>Number(Caller ID) to find your contact number. If there is no, you can touch Number(Caller ID) to write down your contact number, then system will save it.

Enter Phone, touch the icon of the call record, then you can find the detailed call history between you and your friend.

In Game mode, you can set background calls, reject incoming calls, and block floating previews to enhance the in-game user experience. You can go to Settings>Game Cube(Jovi-Game mode) to turn it on.

Warmly Tips: If you are playing online games and using VoLTE network, you can play the game while talking on the phone. If the data network is not VolTE, the game might not connect to the network while talking on the phone.

Go to Phone, then slide downward from anywhere. You will find Edit at the upper right corner. Touch it and select the call logs you want to delete or click All to select all, then press Delete at the bottom to delete them.

For Funtouch OS 2.6 and lower version, enter Phone, then press Menu button on the left of Home button, touch Clear call logs to clear all call logs. If you just want to clear several call logs, you can long press the call log until the window pops out, then touch Remove to clear it.

Our phones can save 2000 call records at most(For below Funtouch OS 2.0, they can only store 500). When the number reaches the limit, the earliest call records will be automatically deleted.

If all calling records disappear, please try to reboot your phone again to check if it works. If not, please feel free to contact us.

If you have edited name for the phone number, then the incoming call only shows the name of this contact. Please don`t worry, you can be assured to use your phone.

These services are provided by the carrier. Please consult your SIM card carrier to check if these services are enabled.

Currently, the record storage location cannot be changed.

If you have turned on Do not disturb mode and set “Allow to Interrupt” contacts, the incoming calls, messages and notifications from the ‘Allow to Interrupt’ contacts won`t be muted.

You can find Missed calls in Phone. Enter Phone, then slide downward from anywhere. You will find Missed option, touch it to view your missed calls.

Warmly Tips: If the contact is added into Blacklist, you can check the missed calls from the phone number in i Manager>Rejection>Call reject or Settings>Phone>Reject>Blocked call log. Some phones won`t record them.

You can tap the keyboard icon on the phone conversation interface to call out keyboard.

You can find Received calls in Phone app. Enter Phone, the black numbers are the received calls.

Please don`t worry, you can follow these steps to fix it:

1. Go to Settings>Do not disturb to check if Manual and Set time are turned on. If yes, turn them off;
2. If it still exists, please upgrade your phone to the latest version and reset(restore) all settings in Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please feel free to contact us.

You can go to Phone app to find the detailed calling records.

You can go to Phone>click icon on the right of the contact to check the call duration of the calls between you and your friend.