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Most-used system features

vivo phone with Android Marshmallow and higher version cannot support to move apps to SD card. But you can still move the media files and documents to the SD card.

Enter File Manager>All files(Phone storage)>find the files you want to transfer to SD card>touch Edit at the upper right corner>select the files>touch Cut or Copy>go to SD card>touch Paste to paste the files in SD card.

Warmly Tips: In order to make sure the system runs stably, some files cannot be moved to SD card.

For the below Android M version, please go to i Manager>App manager>App mover, then choose the app you would like to move. Click on Move, and then select Move to SD card.

Warmly Tips: There are certain immovable apps such as some built-in apps, Input method apps, security apps, games with high security requirements you will not be able to move in this way.

There are two ways to enable App Clone on vivo smartphone such as vivo X50, V20, Y20i:

1. Go to Settings>App clone to turn on the App clone switch of the apps;

2. Long press the apps icon mentioned below on the desktop. There will be a “+”. Tap on the “+” to clone the app.

Warmly Tips: vivo phone App Clone supports WhatsAppLine, BBMWeChatZaloFacebookInstagramViber and so on. Due to the performance limitation, some phones(like Y53) only support to clone some apps such as WhatsApp, Wechat.

If there is no your desired app, please give us a feedback or contact us directly.

We can perform some operations faster with Easy Touch. Turn it on in Settings, then you can perform some operations such Screenshot, Screen lock, Home screen, Flashlight fast on any interfaces by tapping on Easy Touch.

If the app is unsupported by this feature, we cannot split its screen. If you hope some app can be supported by Smart Split, please give us a feedback.

You can go to Settings>More settings>Easy Touch to turn it on. And you can customize the menu and set its idle visibility.

1. Go to Settings>Smart Multi-screen, open the Smart Split(Smart Multi-screento turn on Smart Split(Smart Multi-screenand the apps.

2. Go to Settings>Status bar and notification, turn on Allow notification of these apps;

3. Keep the video in full screen view. When a message from the social media apps is received, the message will show as a floating icon;

4. Tap the icon, and the screen will split into two, then you can handle both of them easily.

Warmly Tips: Floating icon is supported by the following apps: Video, Google Play Movies&TV, and YouTube.

1. Use three fingers to slide downwards on an application interface or touch the Multiple tasks shortcut in Control Center to activate the Smart Split options menu(You can find the supported apps in Settings>Smart Split>Manual screen splitting);

2. Tap on the application to initiate the split;

3. To go to the Smart Split tools menu, tap on icon in the center of the screen, and you will see three icons:

a.  icon: Touch it to exit the split;

b.  icon: Touch it to switch positions;

c.  icon: Touch it to go back to the Home screen.

Due to the large size of the screen, you may not be able to use one hand for part of the interface. Hovering will pull down the top of the screen and stop it so that one hand can operate the area that can not be touched.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is a feature available on Android smartphones running Android 8.0 and later. It allows you to multitask. For instance, you can search for a restaurant while video chatting with a friend or watch a YouTube video while getting directions on Google Maps. You can follow these steps to experience it:

1. Go to Settings>More settings>Permission management(Applications)>Picture in Picture to turn on the apps(This feature isn’t compatible with all apps, and it’s up to developers to indicate whether an app supports this function);

2. Launch Picture in Picture:

a. For Chrome, set a video to full screen, then press the Home button;

b. For Google Maps, enter the Navigation interface, then press the Home button;

c. For the social media apps, make a video calling, then press the Back button;

d. For the video apps, play a video, then press the Home button.

Warmly Tips: YouTube’s PIP mode requires a subscription to YouTube Red, its ad-free platform. The way around that is to watch YouTube videos in Chrome rather than using the YouTube app.

You can go to Settings>Smart Multi-screen/Smart Split>(Message screen splitting>) to turn off Message screen splitting/Smart Multi-screen/Smart-Split switch to disable it.

Warmly Tips: For Funtouch OS 3.1 and above version, Manual screen-split is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Of course, you can use the third-party apps to achieve this feature, such as Parallel Space – Multi Accounts;

1. Download & install Parallel Space – Multi Accounts in Play Store;

2. Add it to Speedup whitelist;

3. Turn it on in High background power consumption;

4. Allow it to Autostart;

5. Enter this app, then you can choose apps you want to clone.

Yes, Vivo phone has some functions such as TalkbackColor inversion for people with visual disabilities. You can go to Settings>More settings>Accessibility to enable it.

Please don`t worry, go to Settings>More settings>Global search to check if you turn on all options. If yes, please slide upward from the bottom to bring up Control Center, touch Speed up, then wait for 1 minute and try again.

Motorbike Mode allows you to handle incoming calls in a safer way while riding your motorbike. You can find it in Settings. For more information, please go to Settings>Motorbike Mode>About Motorbike Mode.

Warmly Tips: Some phones do not support this feature.

TalkBack can help blind and low-vision users by describing what you touch, select, and activate. You can go to Settings>More settings>Accessibility>TalkBack to turn on the switch.

If you have turned TalkBack on by accident, you can follow these steps to turn off it:

1. Tap Settings icon, and you will see a green frame around the Settings icon. Double-tap it to enter the Settings interface. Then you can use two fingers to slide upward;

2. Find More settings, tap it, then double-tap it. Use two fingers to slide upward until you find Accessibility;

3. Tap it, then double-tap it. After that, tap TalkBack, then double-tap it;

4. Tap the switch, then double-tap to turn it off.