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Most-used system apps


Please don`t worry, here are some helpful methods for you:

1. Reboot your phone, then try again;

2. Clear the data of Download manager & V-Appstore;

3. Connect to more stable and faster network, then try again;

4. Update your phone and V-Appstore to the latest version;

5. Access Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Restore(Reset) all settings. Don`t worry, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please feel free to contact us.

We are sorry there is no the Speaker option in FM Radio our some phones. You can download & install third-party FM Radio apps to achieve this feature. If this feature is really important for you, please give us a feedback. Thanks for your support.

Vivo phones don’t include an antenna for the FM radio inside and instead rely upon the wires inside your earphone cable to pick up the reception, so it is necessary to put on the earphone if you want to listen to FM Radio.

Some Vivo phones don’t have FM Radio due to the hardware limitation. But don`t be upset, you can download the third-party apps to achieve it.

One note can contain ten pictures at most.

Currently, our some phones support this feature. You can find it on the Notification Panel and Smart Launcher Screen. For other phones, we recommend you download & install the third-party apps such as Lighting QRcode Scanner in Play Store to achieve it.

Considering the privacy security of Vivo users, the notes are stored in system space and cannot be found in File Manager. Hope for your understanding.

Go to Vivo Browser>touch at the bottom>click the Settings icon, then you can turn on Block pop-ups and Ad reject to block the malicious ads.

1. Enter Kids Mode;

2. Click the Settings icon in the left bottom>enter the lock screen password to access the Setting interface;

3. Click Manage apps to set up the apps and games to play. Touch Time limit for each use to set “time to use”. Tap Data network to manage the network;

4. In the Kid Mode interface, you can touch Exit in the right bottom, then enter the lock screen password to exit Kids Mode.

Enter the edit interface of the note, then you can touch icon at the bottom to set the background color for your notes.

You can go to Settings>More Settings>App manager>touch More at the upper right corner>Show system processes>i Manager(For Funtouch OS 4.0 and lower version, access Settings>More settings>Applications>All>i Manager), then touch Uninstall updates to recover the original version.

If Uninstall updates option is gray, you can go to Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset>Erase all data>Reset phone to recover its version.

Warmly Tips: “Erase all data” will clear the 

The Kids Mode is designed for children’s entertainment. In Kids mode, you don’t have to worry the software and important files will be deleted, and you don’t have to worry they perform payment-related operations. You can set up apps and games to play, time to use, and disable the network.

Open Calculator, click icon, then you can find the calculation history in Calculator.

Warmly Tips: Some phones do not have the calculation history.

Please don’t worry, you can refer to the methods below to fix it:

1. Enter Browser, click at the bottom to check if the Text mode is turned on. If yes, turn it off for a try;

2. Change another stable network, then try again;

3. Updateyour phone and Browser to the latest version;

4. Clear the data of Browser.

If the issue still exists, please feel free to contact us.

Our latest released phones all have the built-in Weather app.

For Funtouch OS 4.0 and higher version, enter Calculator, then touch icon to enter Scientific Calculator.

For Funtouch OS 3.2 and lower version, slide upward from the screen and turn off “Rotation”.

Then enter Calculator and rotate the screen in landscape mode to enter Scientific Calculator.

Enter Vivo Browser, click at the bottom, then you will find Incognito option. Touch to turn it on.

Enter Weather>touch the Settings icon at the upper left corner>click Temperature unit, then you can set Degrees Fahrenheit.

Enter Vivo Browser, click at the bottom, then you will find Text mode. Touch to turn it on.

Touch the note to enter the edit interface, then you can click the icon at the bottom to set Date Reminder.

One note can contain 9999 letters at most. If there are pictures, the letter amount will be lower than 9999.