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Touch Your Heart



Jovi Smart Scene is dedicated to becoming a personal butler with learning, thinking and emotional expression, providing users with personalized services that are efficient, interactive and decision-making. It can provide users with rainfall reminders, provide users with sports health data after the end of the day, give users a thoughtful greeting when working late at night, and provide users with timely results when there are exciting events. Jovi Smart Scene, your personal butler who understands you.

Go to Settings>Jovi>Smart Scene, turn on Smart Scene. Then scroll down, turn on Notification reminder to enable Jovi Smart Scene.

Currently, most of the newer models like NEX, X50 Series, V20 Series, Y30, Y20i,etc. support Jovi. You can long press the left-side Jovi AI button to bring it up. For other phones, you can use Google Assistant for the same experience.

To enable Google Assistant on vivo X50 Pro, V20 Pro, V19 Neo and other vivo phones, you need to follow these steps:

1. Update Google and Google Play services to the latest version;

2. Open up the Google app, where you will be asked to set things up. Once done, open up the hamburger Menu button and tap on Settings;

3. Here, you will find the Google Assistant settings. Just tap on it. The Google Assistant setup window should then pop-up. You can tap on “Continue” and then, press hold Home button to bring up Google Assistant.

Warmly Tips: Some phones do not support this feature. For details, please click:

Smart Desktop is a function page on the far left of Home page, providing you with Search, Applications frequently used, Jovi Smart Scene, Weather, Schedule, Tips and other services.

Warmly Tips: Network is necessary if we use this feature.

With an advanced deep learning algorithm, Jovi Image Recognizer uses an artificial neural network to detect and recognize objects and landmarks and improve the accuracy of optical character recognition.

There are two ways to enable Jovi Image Recognizer:

1. Go to Camera>click the Jovi icon on the left to enable Jovi Image Recognizer;

2. Press twice the Smart button to open Image Recognizer(Make sure you enable this feature in Settings>Jovi>Smart button).


When you use Smart Button to activate Jovi Image Recognizer, it will recognize what`s shown on the display. When you activate it in Camera, it will recognize what`s in front of the camera.

Some phones such as V15 Pro & V15 support Jovi Image Recognizer.

Considering the security and privacy of our users, Vivo phones do not support this feature currently. But don`t be upset, we will continuously optimize the system and improve your experience.

Go to Settings>Lock screen, home screen, and wallpaper>Home screen settings, turn on Smart Launcher. Then you can go back to the far left page of Home page to experience it.

Our phones do not support this feature. But don`t be upset, you can download & install the third-party apps such as Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) to achieve it.

1. Go to Settings>More settings>Language, set English as the system language;

2. Download & install Google and Google Play services on your phone;

3. Enter Google, touch icon at the bottom, then tap on Settings in the bottom right to enter the Auxiliary apps and voice input interface;

4. Touch Auxiliary apps, and select Google;

5. Return back to the Home page of Google. Touch icon in the bottom>select Continue>MORE>TURN ON to enter the Google Assistant interface;

6. Return back to the Home page of Google>touchicon in the bottom>Google Assistant>Settings>Voice>turn on Access with Voice Match>select I AGREE, then you can set to bring up Google Assistant by saying Ok Google or Hey Google;

7. Go to Settings>More settings>Permission management(Applications)>Autostart, turn on Google.