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There are some tips that may help avoid your vivo phone overheat:

1. Don`t play your phone in extreme performance for a long time, such as playing games;

2. Close apps running in the background more often;

3. Turn off Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS and other connectivity when you don`t need them;

4. Don`t play your phone when it is being charged;

5. Turn off Autostart switches of the apps you infrequently used;

6. Turn off High background power consumption of apps infrequently used;

7. Download apps and games from Play Store or V-Appstore;

8. To prevent your phone from heating up, you may place your phone in a well-ventilated location while charging, such as on a desk. Charging your phone in poorly-ventilated locations (such as on a bed) may prevent heat from dissipating;

9. Avoid exposing your phone to the sun when the temperature is high around you.

Large games will take up much CPU resource. It is easy to make the phone get hot. Here are some tips for you:

1. Don`t excessively use your phone, like playing games for a long time. When you feel it very hot, we suggest you stop playing your phone before it gets cool;

2. Try not to play your phone while charging;

3. Close all apps running in the background before playing games;

4. Turn off Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth, GPS and other connectivity when you don`t need;

5. Avoid your phone exposure to the sun when the temperature is high around you.

Go to Play Store or V-Appstore to download & install AnTuTu Benchmark. You can find Battery temperature information in this app.

The battery works by storing energy your charger sends to it by means of chemical reactions which evolve heat. So it is actually normal for the phone to get a bit hot.

Try to avoid using your phone too much while charging it avoid games and other high processing power requiring apps.

Furthermore, place your phone in a well-ventilated location when charging, such as on a desk. Charging your phone in poorly-ventilated locations (such as on a bed) may prevent heat from dissipating.

Too low temperature will shorten the battery life and affect the performance of the phone. Moreover, there is much droplet. It might enter your phone and finally become water, which probably damage the parts. Considering these, we don`t recommend you put your phone into the refrigerator.

In standby mode, if there are some apps running in the background, the phone might also get hot. You can follow these methods below to solve it:

1. Close all apps running in the background;

2. Turn off the network, GPS, Bluetooth and other connectivity if you don`t need;

3. Updateyour phone to the latest version;

4. Avoid placing your phone in high temperatures. It is easy for the phone to get hot in high temperatures;

If above measures are not effective, please seek help from our service center.

The temperature range within which Vivo phones can work well varies slightly from the different model numbers. We suggest you try to use our phones under the temperature within 5℃-35℃.

Different hardware in the phone can withstand different temperatures. And under different operation conditions, the heat is not the same. For example, playing large games can generate much more heat than running common apps.

Generally speaking, slight heating of the phone is acceptable. You can judge the heat comparing your hands temperature. If it is over-heated, you can stop using your phone for a while and close the running apps. Meanwhile, our phone has the over temperature protective function which will reboot or power off smartly. Please be assured.

Please don`t worry, it is our high-temperature protection system. It is designed to prevent the phone from overheating. When the prompt appears, we recommend you stop using your phone before it gets cool.

When the temperature of the battery is more than 45℃ and the voltage is more than 4.1V, this high temperature prompt will display on your phone. Please don`t worry, it is to prevent our phones from overheating. When the temperature of the phone is under 45℃, the charge will continue.

It is the part of our high-temperature protection system. Considering our users` security, it cannot be turned off or disabled.

If the phone gets a lot of heating when the apps are running, the apps will be closed automatically. It is a high temperature protection. We recommend you stop using your phone before it gets cool temporarily.

If you are meeting this issue, please take your phone to our service center for further detection.