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There are some tips that may help you extend vivo phone’s the battery life:

1. Close Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth, GPS and other connectivity when you don`t need them;

2. Don`t play your phone while charging;

3. Charge your phone in time before the battery capacity is low(20%). It is no good to charge the phone when the battery capacity is too low;

4. Don`t overcharge your phone. Stop charging when it is fully charged;

5. Avoid putting it under the high or too cold temperature;

6. Use the original Charger and USB cable to charge your phone.

The battery life of vivo phones is 2~3 years. As full discharge cycle increases, its chemical performance will be reduced.

You can follow these steps to calibrate the battery for vivo X50, X50 Pro, V19 Neo, Y30 , S1 Pro or other vivo phones,:

1. Charge your phone fully;

2. Turn off your phone;

3. Charge it for about 10 minutes;

4. Power it on, then power it off immediately;

5. Charge it for about 10 minutes, then power it on.

Warmly Tips: Remember that it is not recommended to perform this process regularly. Perform this process once every three months at the most.

Due to the chemical properties and structure of Li-Ion battery, it is not necessary to calibrate your battery. Please be assured to use your phone.

The battery of our current phones is not removable. If you are still not sure, please visit our local official website, find your phone, then you can find the details about your battery on the Specification interface. Also, you can feel free to contact us.

You can download & install the third-party battery apps such as Battery to check the detailed information of your battery.

Due to the chemical properties and structure of Li-Ion battery, with the increase of the charging times, the capacity of the battery will go down slowly. The battery life is 2~3 years.

Please be assured, it is normal because it is not suitable to maintain battery in full condition. And the phone will consume some power as well.

Our current phones are all equipped with Li-Polymer battery.


Due to the fixed structure, our phones cannot be equipped with other brand or larger capacity batteries.

Under Low power mode, the battery icon displays in yellow. You can go to Settings>Battery, choose Normal mode to exit Low power mode.