Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart

After-sales service

Yes, it is totally free to update your phone at our service center.

We are glad to tell you that our service center provides the free services below:

1. Update your phone;

2. Recover the system;

3. Clean your phone.

Carry-in Service is supported in some countries and regions currently. For details, please contact our local service center.

Please visit our service center near you, our engineers will help you check if they are authentic.

Generally speaking, if the phone can work normally, that means the hardware of your phone is in good conditions. If you are still worried, you can go to our service center for comprehensive detection.

If your phone is under warranty and the faults are not caused artificially, it can be repaired freely at our service center. If the warranty runs out or the faults are caused artificially, our service center will only bill you for parts.

You can check if your phone is authentic on our official website. If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us.

For more accurate result, you can take your phone and phone box to our service center.

Charge your phone to 60%-80%(Please do not charge it fully), then place it in a dry and cool temperature. Over a period of time, charge it again. Make sure the battery capacity is not low.

Please don’t worry, you can bring your phone to the store where you purchase our phone, and ask the promoter to help deliver your phone to the nearest service center for you instead.

Please visit our service center and our engineers can help you check it.

Yes, it is free to recover your rooted phone at our service center.

Currently, Maintenance Schedule Online System is under construction. During this time, you can contact our our service center for details.

You can check if your phone is authentic by typing the IMEI code of your phone on our official website.

For the IMEI code, you can enter *#06# on the dial pad or go to Settings>More settings>About phone to find it.

For more accurate information, please take your phone and the phone box to our local service center.