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An original transparent phone case comes with the Vivo phone you purchased, specially designed for Vivo. It is tested for thousands of times, then improved, and elaborated before being displayed in front of users.

Vivo phone case is made from TPU, which is flexible and smooth and guarantees the quality of wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Vivo phone cases are produced with molds built with real Vivo phone, and tested with real Vivo phone as well. All this makes sure that every hole site of key and port minutely to provide tiny and smooth hand feeling and achieve ultimate user experience.

Vivo phone case can provide strong protection to your phone, minimize the damage caused by fall, shock, extreme temperature, liquid invasion, dust invasion, etc.
We recommend the original Vivo phone case to provide protection to your Vivo phone.

* Evidence shows that Vivo phone case can reduce the probability of screen damage, and cover scratch, distortion.

During daily use, your phone’s slit, receiver, speaker, headphone jack and USB interface might be contaminated by dirt and impurities, which will cause poor firmware contact, accelerate the aging of firmware; or even breed bacteria and seriously affect your health.

Therefore, you need to daily clean your phone. Dip a lint-free cloth, medical cotton sticker or makeup cotton in distilled water or low concentration alcohol, then wipe the surface of the phone.

When cleaning phone slits and holes, you can clean the dust with a dry toothbrush or a toothpick, or blow the dust with a camera sootblower or cold air hair dryer. In addition, to absorb the dust with a low power handheld mini vacuum cleaner is also feasible.

If you still cannot clean the dirt by following the above tips, please contact our Service Center for professional assistance.


* DO NOT blow dust with a hot air hair dryer to prevent phone firmware damage caused by overheating.

* DO NOT remove the battery cover when cleaning dust to prevent phone electronic components damage.

Of course. You can replace the back cover of your phone at our service center.

It is the Noise-cancelling microphone.

Warmly Tips: Some phones don`t have this feature.

Microphone locates the bottom of your phone and you can find its detailed location in Settings>More settings>Manual>Overview and Quick start guide>Introduction to phone exterior.

Please don’t worry, please take your phone to our service center and our staff there will help you with it.

Please don’t worry, here are some methods for you:

1. Make sure there is not dirt or barrier on the bottom button. If yes, we recommend you use a clean cloth with a little alcohol gently wipe the keys clean;

2. Remove the protective film, then try again;

3. Reboot your phone, then try again;

4. Close apps running in the background more often;

5. Go to Settings>More settings>Backup & Reset to Restore(Reset) all settings or Erase all data if possible. Please back up your important data before this operation.

If above measures are not effective, please seek help from our service center.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please come to our service center near you and our engineers will help you with it.