Feels like jade, looks like calm lake


Do you want a phone that combines the best of technology and art? Do you want a phone that reflects your natural and elegant style? If so, you might want to check out the upcoming vivo V30 Series, a new line of phones that are light, smooth, and colorful.

Inspired by clarity and purity of nature
The vivo V30 Series is inspired by the colors of nature, one of the most beautiful and diverse sources of inspiration. From the tranquil green reminiscent of morning dew to the rippling waves of a calm lake, each shade evokes a sense of natural beauty and tranquility. It has a sleek and refined appearance that matches its inner design concept, which not only elevates the phone’s visual appeal but also resonates with users seeking a harmonious connection to nature in their digital experience.

v30 green version in po

Expert craftsmanship showcasing charming colors
The vivo V30 Series uses sophisticated processes to create a natural and colorful effect. It has 15 million magnetic particles on the body that resembles the serene beauty of flickering waves on a tranquil lake, delivering a visually soothing effect. It also uses a jade glass technology that makes the body look clearer and smoother, like a piece of crystal. With a warm, soft texture similar to jade, the device offers comfortable hold.

Next era of clear beauty with vivo V30 Series
The vivo V30 Series epitomizes lifestyle principle. Beyond mere functionality, it represents a return to simplicity and purity amid life’s complexities. Embracing the beauty of clarity, it encourages people to craft a better life by reconnecting with nature.

Anticipate the emergence of a new trend and don’t miss the opportunity to witness the perfect fusion of technology and art with the vivo V30 Series. To keep updated on the upcoming vivo V30 Series, follow the official vivo account on FacebookXInstagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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