Elevate Your Photo Game: Discover vivo V27 and X Flip’s Unique Photography Features

vivo v27 aura photography
vivo’s latest products, the vivo V27 and vivo X Flip, both have unique and amazing photography effects that will surely surprise you. Let’s take a closer look at them!
The vivo V series has always been supported by consumers for its stunning portrait photography experience. The vivo V27 takes it to the next level with its exclusive and innovative Aura Light Portrait system.
With a stylish rear soft light ring, it creates professional lighting effects that rival those of a photography studio, providing up to a 30% increase in clarity in low light conditions. You no longer have to worry about your environment when taking beautiful photos!
The vivo V27 5G is equipped with 50 million pixel AF ultra-sensitive, high-definition selfie and rear main cameras. The main lens uses a customized Sony IMX766V photosensitive element and OIS+EIS dual anti-shake technology, which allows you to take clear and natural photos even at night, without having to worry about shaking or blurriness.
In addition, the vivo V27’s algorithm has been optimized for face detection and enhancement, allowing you to easily capture delicate and high-quality portrait shots and show off your best self up close.
The vivo V27 also has more than 40 beauty adjustment details, 21 portrait style filters, 26 beauty effects, and 144 posture shooting templates, allowing you to create a variety of looks.
It also features Vlog Micro-Movie functionality with built-in 24 scene templates, enabling you to easily create professional, quality short videos.
On the other hand, the vivo X Flip consists of a 50 million pixel biomimetic spectral large bottom main camera and a 12 million pixel ultra-wide angle lens, while its front camera is a high-quality 32 million pixel lens.
Thanks to vivo X Flip’s unique hovering feature, you can place it on a flat surface to achieve long exposure and time-lapse photography modes that would normally require a tripod.

vivo X Flip captures the “bustling streets” with long exposure mode

When holding the X Flip in a half-folded horizontal position, you can trigger the dual view (DV) mode to create vlogs and movie-like videos. It comes with 6 sets of micro-movie templates for creating cinematic effects with ease.
X Flip’s photo editing interface has many interesting features as well, such as the one-click color correction function. With just a simple click, you can now add color to your bland photos.
You won’t also need photo editing software to crop, rotate, or adjust your images’ lighting. X Flip’s album will make these photo editing tasks easier to complete.
Whether you prefer the vivo V27 or vivo X Flip, both offer many small surprises and great satisfaction in photography and videography. Which one do you love? Come and choose your favorite model today!

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