Explore unmatched wide-angle group photography with vivo V30 Series

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If you’re all about capturing those picture-perfect moments with your squad or the beautiful scenery when you are travelling, then you’re going to love what the upcoming vivo V30 Series has to offer. Building upon vivo’s legacy of excellence in portrait photography, it takes wide-angle photography to new heights.
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Ultra wide-angle, accommodate more excitement
The vivo V30 series is equipped with an ultra wide-angle lens, expanding the view range to effortlessly capture more scenes or people. From majestic landscapes to bustling cityscapes, users can capture the entirety of their surroundings with a single tap on the shutter. The expansive perspective provides ample creative freedom, enabling users to add layers and depth to their photographs.
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Optimized algorithm, clear picture quality
Maintaining sharp and detailed image quality is crucial, especially in wide-angle group shots. Leveraging advanced image processing algorithms and an optimized lens system, the vivo V30 series ensures exceptional image quality in ultra-wide-angle photography. Even at the edges of the frame, clarity and detail are preserved, lending a rich texture to every photograph.
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Intelligent recognition, streamlined group shooting
With intelligent recognition capabilities, the vivo V30 Series automatically identifies multiple subjects within a scene and optimizes them for processing. Whether it’s a family gathering or a friends’ outing, this feature ensures that every participant is prominently featured without distortion or marginalization. This intelligent recognition greatly enhances the convenience and effectiveness of group photography.
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Portrait and wide-angle photography, seamlessly blending
While excelling in wide-angle group photography, the vivo V30 Series doesn’t overlook the importance of portrait photography. Users can effortlessly capture portrait photos in Ultra Wide-Angle Mode, while benefiting from the natural, soft shooting effects of Soft Light Portrait Technology. This seamless integration of portrait and wide-angle capabilities makes the vivo V30 Series the ultimate all-in-one photography phone.
The wide-angle group camera function of the vivo V30 series represents a new revolution in phone photography. Stay updated on the latest developments and releases by following the official vivo account on FacebookXInstagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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