Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart

Internal Hardware


The screen of our phone can bear certain pressure. However, we suggest you not to test it on your phone. If there is too much pressure on the screen, it may deform your phone, even break the screen.

Please be assured, the sensor is calibrated automatically.

Please be assured that the sensors are turned on by default on our phones.

Due to the fixed structure, the ROM and RAM cannot be changed.

Please don`t worry, you can refer to these methods below to solve it:

1. Check if the Infrared(Light) sensor is blocked by objects. If yes, wipe it clean, then try again;

2. If you are using a protective film, please check if it covers the Infrared sensor. If yes, remove it and try again;

3. Reboot your phone, then try again;

4. Update your phone to the latest version;

5. Enter Settings>More settings>Backup and Reset>Restore(Reset) all settings, no data or media will be deleted.

If above measures are not effective, please seek help from our service center.

Our current phones are not equipped with this sensor.