V30 Series 5G

V30e 5G-1

vivo ZEISS co-engineered
Imaging System

Wide-Angle Portrait
Groupfie with ZEISS optics

Al Portrait System
with Aura Light

Nightography Algorithm
with Sony IMX920 sensor

24-Layer Protection
80W Fast Charge

( 5000mAh All-Day Battery )

+ 512GB ROM


vivo ZEISS
Imaging System

Wide-Angle Portrait
Groupfie with ZEISS

Al Portrait System
with Aura Light

Algorithm with
Sony IMX920 sensor

24-Layer Protection
80W Fast Charge

( 5000mAh All-Day Battery )

+ 512GB ROM


For the First Time
vivo’s Global lmaging Partner ZElSS Collaborates
with V30 Pro

Equipped with ZEISS Triple Main Camera and ZEISS Style Portrait
Resulting in More Three-Dimensional and Vivid Portrait Photography
Now You Can Capture Professional Portrait Masterpieces in Just a Snap

ZEISS Triple Main Camera

Every Lens Is Certified
with ZEISS Optics Standards

ZEISS Professional Portrait Camera

50 mm Focal Length | 2x Zoom

50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera

119° Field of View² | AI Group Portrait | Auto Focus

50 MP VCS True Color Main Camera

1/1.49″ Sony IMX920 Sensor³ | vivo Camera-Bionic Spectrum | OIS

ZEISS Professional Portrait Camera

Create Masterpieces from Your Perspective


50 MP Professional
Portrait Camera

Exclusively Engineered for
Pro-Level Portraits

Featuring a 50 mm focal length, the camera is precisely
aligned with the human vision, creating natural, realistic,
and professional portraits. Even from a distance, the 2x
zoom delivers vivid portraits as amazing as those taken
up close.


50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera

Never Miss a Single Smile in the Crowd


Field of View²

30 Faces

Capturedin the Frame


50 MP VCS True Color Main Camera

All Your Night Moments Enhanced with Purity in Every Shot

VCS technology renders the sensor’s received information
akin to your naked eyes, resulting in clearer, purer images
at a high resolution.

25% ↑

Image Purity⁴

200% ↑

Light Intake⁵

7.7% ↑

Color Accuracy⁴

ZEISS Style Portrait

Refreshing Your Creations


ZEISS Biotar
Style Bokeh

Inspired by ZEISS Biotar 1.5/75

With its distinctive swirly bokeh, it reproduces the special effect of the lens, presenting an excellent look in ZEISS style.


ZEISS Planar
Style Bokeh

Inspired by ZEISS Planar 2.8/80

The classic style outlines the subject in detail while providing sharp bokeh in the background.


ZEISS Distagon
Style Bokeh

Inspired by ZEISS Distagon 2.0/28

Its hexagonal bokeh in the background exudes impressive aesthetics, making it ideal for artistic visual representation.


ZEISS Sonnar
Style Bokeh

Inspired by ZEISS Sonnar 2.8/180

In a creamy blur, it romanticizes the backdrop to create a wonderful setting, perfect for street portraits.


ZEISS Cinematic
Style Bokeh

Shoot film-style portraits with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1, oval flares, and a blue trail effect, especially near street lights at night.

ZEISS Cine-flare

While shooting against strong light, it recreates a movie-like flare. With advanced algorithms, it also ensures natural and clear portraits.

ZEISS Border Watermark

Certify Your Works
with Credential

Featuring two sets of ZEISS borders and ZEISS signatures, it allows you to stand out and earn more likes when sharing your work on social media.

vivo Color System

vivo Color System
Restore Vibrant
Colors of Your

ZEISS Natural Color

Through the close partnership of vivo and ZElSS, it captures true-to-life colors with industry-leading colordifference AE.Professional optimization of tones faithfully reproduces what the human eye sees for the ultimate in fidelity

vivo Textured Color

Rich,delicate,and made just for you.The professional photographers of vivo bring emotions to life with their aesthetics.

vivo Vivid Color

Vibrant, vivid, and bright. Explore how colors can accentuate, and keep both the memories and photos fresh.

Aura Light Portrait 3.0

Newly Upgraded
for Brilliant Portraits

Pioneering gentler lighting, appropriate brightness, and
more harmonious colors between the subject and the
environment, the upgraded Aura Light 3.0 will take your
portrait to a whole new level.


Aura Light 3.0

Glow up and restore facial details
with delicate skin conditions.

Light-Emitting Area

19 times⁶ ↑

Light Softness

50 times⁶ ↑


Distance-Sensitive Lighting

Light Up for Close and Distant Portraits

When capturing close-up portraits or distant shots,the camera engages real-time distance detection to tailor suitable lighting.

Smart Color Temperature Adjustment

Harmonize Colors of Subject and Scenery

At varying light temperatures, it intelligently
adjusts color temperature for natural

Aura Light Portrait Video

Spotlighted for
Night Time Charm

Illuminate your night videos for instantly brighter and clearer results, while the great combination of OIS and EIS reduces footage shaking, ensuring smoother and steadier videos.

*Images are simulated and for demonstration purpose only.

Micro Movie

Pro-Level Vlogging in One Step

From shooting templates and pro-level portrait enhancement
to material management and video generation, it encompasses
the full skill set of a professional vlogger for your entire
vlogging process.


❶ Vlog Shooting

    Choose a template, align it
    with your theme, and enjoy
    a real-time preview before

❷ Pro-Level Portrait

    Enhance focus, lighting,
    and skin texture for
    iconic vlogs.


➌ Simplified Material

    Easily trim clips with the
    built-in timeline. Tap to
    continue shooting and
    resume editing, even if
    you exit midway.

❹ One-Tap Video

    Instantly complete your
    video with a tap or
    customize it further.

Enlightened by Nature
Innovated to be Exceptional

Petals White

The Annual Standout

vivo’s Slimmest Phone
with 5000 mAh Battery¹

7.45mm⁷           188g⁷

To set a newindustry standard, it provides a slim and lightweight feel with every touch on the 3D Curved Screen, achieving the perfect grip while also boasting a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery.¹

Slim Body and
Long Battery Life

To set a newindustry standard, it provides a slim and lightweight feel with every touch on the 3D Curved Screen, achieving the perfect grip while also boasting a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery.¹

4-Year Battery Health⁸

Doubled Battery Lifespan

80W FlashCharge⁹

Charge to 100% in 48 Mins¹⁰

23 Days


8 Hours

Gaming on

13 Hours

on Instagram

16 Hours

Video Streaming
on YouTube

Petals White

Blossoming like petals, full of
youthful energy.

3D Curved

It offers a cozy grip
alongside a 120 Hz refresh
rate for clear and smooth
visual immersion.

View Catcher

Cloud Step Design


12 GB + 12 GB Extended RAM and 512 GB ROM

Enlarged Storage
Smooth and Fast Experience

Extended RAM allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously, while expanded
storage lets you save more large apps, videos, and pictures for enjoyment.¹³

Cloud Step Design


Max Number of
Active Background Apps

Larger ROM
Storage Scales up to 512 GB

+50,000           +120

HD Photos¹²                            Large Games¹² 


Lossless Music

MediaTek Dimensity 8200

With its industry-leading process, the Dimensity 8200 enables additional
power saving and enhanced performance in all aspects.

4 nm                      990,000

TSMC’s Industry-Leading
Flagship Process                                AnTuTu Benchmark Score¹⁴

Powerful Core at 3.1 GHz

Higher Processing Speed

Arm Mali-G610 GPU

Smoother Graphics Experience
Higher Energy Efficiency

Dominate the Game with Flagship Empowerment

Doubled with a powerful chipset and a highly efficient heat dissipation system,
achieve your top record with stable and smooth gameplay.

Ultra Large Smart Cooling System

Crafted with highly efficient heat dissipation materials and built-in temperature sensors, it results in real-time temperature detection, ensuring stable and smooth operation during long gaming hours.

3002 mm²

Ultra Large Vapor Chamber

35,141 mm²

Total Cooling Area¹⁵


Core Temperature¹⁶

11 Temperature Sensors

in the Ultra Large Smart Cooling System

1.5K Ultra Clear Sunlight Display

Revel in Every Glimpse

Experience an immersive visual spectacular complemented by a high refresh rate.
Even in dazzling sunlight, simply sit back and enjoy clear, smooth visuals.

Exceptional Display

2800 nits

Local Peak

1200 nits

Global Peak

120 Hz

Refresh Rate

300 Hz

Sampling Rate


1.5K Resolution

1 Billion



Screen Size


Color Gamut


Contrast Ratio

Eye Protection

Biometric Brightness Adjustment

Dynamically Adjust Brightness for a
Comfortable Experience

Low Blue Light (Hardware)

SGS Low Blue Light Certifcation

2160 Hz Dimming¹⁹

Eye-Friendly at Night

Anti-Fatigue Curve 2.0

Keep Eyes Relaxed for
Continuous Screen Use

Built to Guarantee Your Peace of Mind


Comprehensive Cushioning Structure

High-performance Schott α glass ensures a stronger
screen, and the precision-engineered cushioning offers
unparalleled safety for internal and external


Operate Precisely with Wet-Hand Touch

IP54 Dust and Water Resistance18 secures your phone
from splashes and dust for worry-free daily use. Furthermore, the upgraded Wet-Hand Touch algorithm ensures smooth operation even if your hands are stained with water.

Survivor of Rigorous Tests


50-Month Smooth Experience

V30 Pro has passed a 50-month anti-aging professional evaluation by the vivo laboratory, achieving guaranteed smooth performance for 50 months.²⁰


RAM Saver

The innovative Smooth Envision adds up to 600
MB of additional space, making multitasking


App Retainer

Ensures apps on the trustlist are always
restored to their last interface, enabling you to
seamlessly pick up where you left off.


Lock Screen Clock Style

Choose from three clock layout styles and
eight font styles, and make sure to express
your way with every passing second.


Hidden Photos

Secure your sensitive photos in a designated
secure zone with password verification.