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strategic collaboration between vivo and Zeiss

What’s next for Mobile Imaging after vivo and ZEISS

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents The development of mobile imaging and photography has undergone multiple evolutions for the last two decades. In …

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Best Camera Phone - vivo X60

Why You Don‘t Need Photography Accessories with vivo X60 Series

A ZEISS-branded camera system smartphone functions just as reliable as an independent, high-quality camera. vivo recently unveiled its vivo X60 gadget on 22 March 2021. With its strategic collaboration with …

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professional photography mobile phone

vivo X50 series Secrets

vivo has made its mark for the most innovative, advanced photography features available on any smartphone. The vivo X50 series highlight photography features include professional quality gimbal systems and multi-camera …

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Why vivo X50 series are worth buying

Top Reasons to Buy vivo X50 Series Smartphones

After dominating the mid-range and budget markets, vivo has stepped up to the high-end market with the launch of the X50 series. vivo’s X50 and X50 Pro smartphones are the …

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vivo X50 Pro Best Smartphone for Photography 2020

Revolution Night – vivo X50 Series open a new era for Smartphone Photography

We love to Use Smartphone to Record Record life is human nature, ancient historians write down great history with brush, childhood you and I use film to leave childhood memories. …

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vivo X50 Gimbal Camera Hit the Industry

Secret Uncovered – How vivo X50 Gimbal Camera Hit the Industry

The First Gimbal Camera Smartphone on the World The X series has always been the flagship product series of vivo imaging, and the update speed is very fast. Following the …

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vivo X50 Pro – Not Just Good Looking

vivo X50 Pro – Not Just Good Looking

vivo X50 Pro is already Close to Flag-ship Level Performance When another brand announced the new machine Nord next door, it was the presence of Snapdragon 765G that gave the …

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Explore for vivo X50 Design and OS

vivo is undoubtedly One of the Leader in Smartphone Design When ranking the performance capabilities of mobile phones today, it is estimated that not many mainstream users would put vivo …

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Classic Design Smartphone with Gimbal Camera

vivo X50 Pro – Classic Design Smartphone with Gimbal Camera

The First Impression of vivo X50 Pro – Cheer for X-Class A “Mahjong card” look alike rear camera is the most popular visual element in the mobile phone market this …

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vivo X50 Pro Deep Review

vivo X50 Pro Deep Review: The World’s First Gimbal Camera Phone

vivo’s goal this year for the X series is to become a true company brand flagship. Specifically, this task requires the X50 and X50 Pro in the series to meet …

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